Fukui Shinkin Bank introduces transcription support app–halves minutes creation time

Fukui Shinkin Bank has introduced “AmiVoice Scribe Assist”, a stand-alone transcription support application that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) voice recognition technology. Advanced Media, Inc., which develops / provides the service, announced on April 6th. Until now, Fukui Shinkin Bank manually transcribed the voice data recorded by the IC recorder and took many times as long as the meeting time to create the minutes. For long meetings, the creation period was 2-3 days. In particular, in the case of important meetings such as the board of directors, it is necessary to accurately record the content of discussions leading up to the decision and quickly send the minutes to the parties concerned. The preparation of minutes required both accuracy and speed, and the burden on the person in charge was an issue. The service uses AI voice recognition technology to convert statements during meetings into text in real time, so the person in charge can complete the minutes with only a few corrections. The minutes of the meeting, which had been transcribed word for word, have been halved, and the accuracy and speed of the minutes, which record only the main points, have improved. In addition, the service is also used for recording small meetings that had not been prepared before, leading to the creation of memorandums. It is said that the quality of work has improved by making it possible to share information in more detail and more frequently than before. At the same time, the company introduced the ultra-directional compact stand microphone “AmiVoice Front ST01” and the microphone aggregation device “AmiVoice Front HUB 01”. It is said that it realizes highly accurate automatic transcription because it can collect clear sounds suitable for voice recognition. Advanced Media has seen a rapid increase in the introduction of transcription support applications in recent years due to the compatibility of voice recognition technology with the online conferences that were popular in the Coronavirus, and the fact that it is effective in improving the efficiency of minutes creation work. Explain that. Since the service is a stand-alone type, it is said that the risk of information leakage is low, and it can be used with confidence even at meetings dealing with confidential information. It will go on sale in June 2020, and as of the end of March 2021, it has more than 1,200 licenses. The adoption by Fukui Shinkin Bank is said to be due to the evaluation of these achievements and the convenience / cost performance of the service.