Kenichi Matsuyama, excited about high-class scissors recommended by farmer entertainers !?

Kenichi Matsuyama and Fumino Kimura will appear in “I’m sorry for my Gaya!” (Nippon TV, every Tuesday from 23:59) on April 6th.

Each time, more than 50 young entertainers survey guests and propose “hospitality” that interests them. The guest will select several themes from them and hold a talk with MC Hiromi and football hour Terumoto Goto.

On this day, the comedians welcomed the two guests under the title of “Laughing and crying!

Matsuyama, who is extremely addicted to farming life, explodes with joy at the high-class scissors recommended by farmer entertainers! In addition, he reveals that he is addicted to IKKO.

On the other hand, Kimura was found to have a sickness from an unexpected habit on Instagram !? Also, the rant of Tomahawk Onikoshi was absurd …

Atsuko Maeda and Tomomi Itano appeared on the previous broadcast. Maeda and Kintaro have been whispered in the industry for a long time. Maeda denied that he had never said such a thing. Since such two people will meet for the first time, Maeda to Kintaro. A stupid camera was set up.