Nishikigoi “I felt” frustrated “for the first time in my life” M-1 Grand Prix 4th place, still dragging

Comedy combination Nishikigoi Masanori Hasegawa and Takashi Watanabe have served as teachers on the TV Asahi variety show “Kushijiri-sensei, I’ll be like me !!” (every Monday from 24:15). Looking back on his life in extreme poverty and the M-1 Grand Prix. From the left, Masaki Hasegawa and Takashi Watanabe = Nishikigoi, who won the 4th place in “M-1 Grand Prix 2020” provided by TV Asahi, talks about having lived a very poor and lazy life for 20 years. Hasegawa, who came to Tokyo with his former partner, secretly used the 400,000 yen savings he had saved together for gambling, and spent more time working part-time to make up for it. “I couldn’t go to the audition for the poor entertainer’s program due to lack of money.” “I was shaving with the light of the signal when the electricity was turned off.” “I couldn’t go to the dentist’s office even if I had cavities, and I lost four teeth.” He revealed a shocking episode. On the other hand, Watanabe, who made his debut from Yoshimoto, Tokyo, also recalled that she lived on a daily basis for 500 yen and was thinking about starting lineups by watching the practice of the baseball club in junior high school while drinking alcohol at the riverbed in the neighborhood. Two people who got acquainted with unsold entertainers and formed a combination. The two, who continued to be comedians because they didn’t have the courage to quit, had reached the point of “nothing” where they felt nothing even if they were overtaken by their juniors. But then the biggest turning point comes. That is the advice of senior entertainer Hollywood Zakoshisyoh, “Hasegawa is stupid, so push the stupid to the front.” As I was told, when Hasegawa’s stupid character was launched, the story became crazy, and Hasegawa was already 42 years old, but the two began to make serious efforts for the first time. As a result of working all night and continuing to show five new stories a month, he advanced to the final of “M-1 Grand Prix 2020”. I hadn’t appeared on TV so far, so I thought, “I think it’s refreshing to lose in the final,” but when I finished in 4th place, I felt “I’m really disappointed.” “For the first time in my life, I felt regretful for both of us. After M-1, I became more and more regrettable, and I’m still regrettable,” Watanabe said. Nods loudly to honor the changes in Nishikigoi. Finally, the lessons learned from the two people, “It is better to live seriously enough to feel regrettable” and “If you do not make serious efforts toward your goals, you will not have regrets. Without that regret, human beings will not be able to grow.” It was told.