NMB48 Cocona Umeyama releases uniform shot of active last year “Definitely the cutest JK in the world”

NMB48’s Umeyama Cocona updated Twitter on the 4th (Sun). A uniform shot with cherry blossoms in the background has been released.

[Image]”Beautiful girl from flowers” Umeyama Cocona’s active last year uniform shot

Cocona Umeyama has been active as a 5th gen member of NMB48 since 2016. In the 23rd single “Datte da da da”, he is attracting attention as a member who will bear the future, such as serving as the first W center.

Umeyama updated “LJK” and Twitter on the 4th (Sun). We released a fresh uniform shot with cherry blossoms in the background.

In the post, there were voices such as “Legend high school girl”, “Definitely the cutest JK in the world”, “Uniform cherry blossom viewing date is the best”, “Beautiful girl than flowers”, “National treasure class”.

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▽ Umeyama Cocona
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