Nogizaka46 challenges the control live Mizuki Yamashita “Enjoy as a rare thing (laughs)”

It has been decided that the contest live “Nogizaka Skits LIVE” will be held online on the 18th, in which the 3rd and 4th generations of the idol group Nogizaka46 and the comedy duo Farewell Youth Light will appear. From “Nogizaka Skits” Nogizaka46’s 3rd and 4th generations are challenging the light of youth and full-scale control, “Nogizaka Skits” (NTV) will be a real event this time. The highlight is that Nogizaka46 will challenge “live” to the completely newly written new work of the popular Tale that was born in the program. In addition, a special concert by Nogizaka46’s hit songs of 3rd and 4th gen members will be held. The event will open at 15:30 on the 18th and start at 16:30, and repeat distribution will be held from 21:00 on the same day. Tickets are usually 5,600 yen for the “KITZ Club Special Viewing Ticket” and 4,480 yen for the GoTo event discount. “Watching ticket with after-talk” is usually 4,600 yen, GoTo event discount 3,680 yen. “General viewing ticket” is usually 3,500 yen, GoTo event discount is 2,800 yen. Available at Hulu Store, BARON STREAM, Stagecrowd, Rakuten Ticket x Rakuten TV. The comments of the performers are as follows.

■ 3rd gen member Mizuki Yamashita

It’s a new experience to play live, so we’re looking forward to seeing it in what form. I want to make something that everyone who has been looking forward to Tale every week can laugh and enjoy. I think it would be interesting if there was an unexpected development that was different from the script, such as ad-lib and miracle happenings because it was raw. Even if you make a mistake, I hope you enjoy it as a rare thing (laughs). The 3rd and 4th generation joint live performance in 2019 was really fun, and I still remember the sense of unity at that time. I am very happy to be able to live with the 4th gen members through this program. I think that the atmosphere of the song will change dramatically depending on the members and positions unique to this time, so I hope you enjoy it as well.

■ 4th gen member, Haruka Kaki

The 4th gen member played “Nogizaka Skits” for about a year, but I’m very nervous to show off the control live. There are many parts that made the recording look interesting, such as sound effects and special effects in the video, so I’m thrilled to see what the atmosphere will look like (laughs). However, many people say that I like the characters of Tale, so I was very happy to hear that this live was held. I think we were able to bring a new side to the 4th generation through this program, and we will keep up with the growth of the 4th generation and the acting ability of the 3rd generation even at live performances! I want to do my best so that I can show that attitude. It is only with this program that we can have a joint live with the 3rd generation students. I would like to show you more powerful us, so I hope you enjoy it.

■ Farewell to the light of youth, Tetsuya Morita

I think that live performances have a sense of tension and fun that are unique to live performances, so I’m looking forward to this. Once it starts, I don’t think I’ll get angry during the performance no matter what I do, so I’d like the members to relax. There are some contests that seem to have a continuation in the main broadcast, and I think that I can probably do that continuation, so I’m looking forward to that area personally. The worrisome part is that I’m really worried that Higashibukuro will remember the lines properly. It’s a live like the culmination of a year’s shows! I hope you just enjoyed it!

■ Farewell to youth light, East Bukuro

When I heard that I would play Tale live, I thought I wouldn’t do anything challenging. The members have always finished the rehearsal, so I feel pressured by this distribution because I don’t remember the script until the rehearsal. I hope the members will do it as usual. I’m looking forward to seeing some of them doing the control for the first time in this distribution, so I’m curious about their reaction. Those who usually enjoy Nogizaka46’s songs and performances will be able to see one side of the new members. After that, will I be able to remember the lines properly before the actual performance? I will do my best not to bother everyone who is one or more years younger! (C) NTV / Nogizaka46 LLC