Ask Ebara Corporation about transformation to global management, IT strategy, and response to corona stagnation

Ebara Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Ebara), an industrial machinery manufacturer, has set a long-term vision “E-Vision 2030” from 2020, targeting 2030. Among them, in the three-year medium-term management plan “E-Plan 2022” targeting 2022, we will work on visualization of management information, global business standardization, and construction of a flexible and expandable information system architecture. How are you responding now that you are facing the corona wreckage? CoE EBARA, which realizes global standardization, is engaged in five businesses: pumps, compressors and turbines, cold and heat, environmental plants, and precision and electronics. With the theme of realizing a globally sustainable society, many of the technologies necessary to solve problems such as reduction of greenhouse gases and provision of safe water resources are involved. The global integrated management system aimed at at E-Vision 2030 is to respond to this global theme. EBARA has set the ideal form for 2030, and will proceed with the necessary efforts to realize it in the medium-term management plan. Mr. Hiroyuki Owase, Executive Officer and General Manager of Information and Communication Management Department, said, “Management strategy and IT strategy are exactly one and must be executed, not just words. Each country has all functions and is loosely federal management. In order to change from international management that conducts business to global management in which group companies around the world are operated as one company, standardization of operations, systems, and infrastructure that differed by company and region in IT strategy We are planning and transforming. Just as Western manufacturing has become a global company through large-scale IT investment, Japanese manufacturing must also be globalized. ”

Positioning of IT strategy in “E-Vision 2030” and “E-Plan 2022” (quoted from Ebara Corporation materials) One of the items that should be done in the three years of E-Plan 2022 is “acceleration of management speed and efficient global operation”. There is “strengthening the foundation of EBARA”, which is directly linked to EBARA’s IT strategy. As part of that, we will utilize cloud-based systems. Google Workspace (2017-) for mail systems, SAP S / 4HANA (February 2020-) for mission-critical business systems, SAP Success Factors (June 2020-) for personnel systems, SAP Ariba (June 2020-) for procurement and purchasing systems From September 2020), SAP Concur (May 2021 ~) has been adopted for the expense management system, and the transition is underway. In 2019, Akamai Technologies’ Enterprise Application Access (EAA) was introduced as a network infrastructure that uses these systems globally. In the system to promote these IT efforts, a CoE (Center of Excellence) consisting of about 180 members on the IT side and the business side such as development, procurement, production, sales, and finance is formed. It is involved in identifying, organizing and standardizing conventional operations, examining, maintaining, and introducing systems. “Even if business processes and systems differ from company to company, there are many similarities. In order to achieve global standardization and deployment beyond organizational boundaries, CoE that allows domestic and overseas members to collaborate is necessary. It is important. We can work in collaboration with the steering committee led by the president (President Masao Asami) to reduce the cost required to maintain IT and allocate it to investments such as compliance with international accounting standards. It will be like that “(Mr. Owase)