Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology begins operation of Dell-based massively parallel computer system “KAGAYAKI”

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) has built a massively parallel computer system “KAGAYAKI” based on Dell Technologies’ “Dell EMC PowerEdge R6525” and started full-scale operation in March. Dell Technologies announced on April 7th.

Massively parallel computer system “KAGAYAKI” KAGAYAKI will be a cluster-type supercomputer system in which 280 PowerEdge R6525 servers equipped with AMD processors are connected by InfiniBand HDR. The theoretical operation performance is about 2.24 times that of the old system, 1.49 petaFLOPS, the number of CPU cores is about 1.8 times, 35,840 cores, and the total memory capacity is about twice, 140 TiB. It also supports container-type virtualization. In addition, Dell Technologies’ iDRAC (integrated Dell Remote Access) is used for system management. In addition to remote system monitoring and management, it also provides hardware-level security features that emphasize protection, detection, and recovery. JAIST says that it will be useful for large-scale simulations in nanotechnology and biomechanics, big data processing, analysis of rigid graph structures, and promotion of development of new calculation methods and calculation methods for large-scale parallel processing.

System configuration image