Masaki Okada and Takako Matsu praise the bath singing scene “I want to listen forever”

Actress Takako Matsu, actor Ryuhei Matsuda, Masaki Okada, comedy trio Akihiro Kakuta of Tokyo 03 on the 7th, Kansai Fuji TV drama “Towako Soyoda and the three ex-husbands” (starting on the 13th, every Tuesday I attended the interview meeting from 21:00 (* expanded by 15 minutes for the first time). The original script by Masaki Okada (left) and Takako Matsu, Yuji Sakamoto, is the main character who plays Matsu. A comedy that struggles every day while being swayed by “ex-husband”. As a former husband who can never forget Towako even after divorce, Ryuhei Matsuda is the first husband and restaurant owner and Garcon’s Yasaku Tanaka, and Akihiro Kakuta is the second husband and fashion photographer Kataro Sato. , Masaki Okada plays Shinmori Nakamura, the third husband and lawyer. When asked by a reporter, “What are the conditions you can’t give up to your marriage partner?” Matsu said, “It’s difficult!” Should I be with such a person … ” “Because I’m a human being, I think there’s a mistake. But I think it’s more fun to live while making mistakes with someone who can live even if they make mistakes,” he said. Upon hearing this, Tsunoda seemed to be confident, saying, “Then (I am) okay!” Matsu, who was asked who was the best match for the three former husbands, said, “I think everyone applies,” and said, “Especially Okada-kun still has darkness that I don’t know. I don’t think so (laughs), but I really love everyone. ” When such a pine plays, Wako is depicted as a very attractive woman, Matsuda “has a consistent feeling of being naked without hiding”, Okada “questions properly with the words born from herself”, Tsunoda “There are a lot of stupid things and mistakes, but I think those things are cute,” he said. In addition, Okada praised “The scene where Matsu-san is sung in the bath in episode 1 was wonderful and I wanted to listen to it all the time,” said Matsu. ) ”.