Oriental Radio Fujimori, “Kenki” the press “I haven’t said that I’m glad I stopped Yoshimoto (laughs)”

Shingo Fujimori of comedy combination Oriental Radio attended the “DMM WEB CAMP” ambassador inauguration and new WEB CM presentation held in Tokyo on the 7th. Oriental Radio’s Shingo Fujimori At the end of last year, Fujimori terminated his management contract with Yoshimoto Kogyo with his partner Atsuhiko Nakata. He appeared in a suit and appeared at the recital, “I’m excited because I didn’t appear crisply in a suit after independence. Today is DMM WEB CAMP, so please feel free to read the content of the article.” I called on the press. The programming school “DMM WEB CAMP” operated by Infrastructure Top has appointed Fujimori as an ambassador, and released a Web CM in which Fujimori will appear from the 7th. In the same CM, we will introduce how Fujimori is learning programming with “DMM WEB CAMP”. In taking office this time, Fujimori said, “When I thought about my current position and various timings, I thought it was a great honor. I left the office that I had been indebted to for many years at the end of last year and renewed. I was able to talk about this at the timing of getting off to a good start. I have never thought about improving my skills, so it has the meaning of advertising, but it is about how I can actually acquire skills and change myself. I wanted to take on the challenge. ” He went on to say, “I haven’t said that I’m glad I stopped Yoshimoto. There are quite a few reporters who write such headlines. I’ll check them all today. If they’re different, I’ll have them corrected on YouTube on the same day. “I’m grateful to you,” he said with a smile and invited laughter. “I’m very fortunate to be able to support a new start in this way while thanking Yoshimoto.” Said.