Tokico played by Yo Yoshida, what is the secret feeling for his father who is mixed with love and hate … “Living, dying, father, etc.”

Drama 24 “Living or dying or father” (TV Tokyo series, every Friday from 24:12), starring W with Yo Yoshida and Jun Kunimura as parents and children, will start on April 9th.

The original story is a real story about Jane Su, a “single charisma” who has a variety of faces with a radio personality, columnist, and lyricist and has gained overwhelming support from women. A funny and sometimes sad family drama is drawn by the main character, Tokico Kambara (Yoshida) and his father, Tetsuya Kambara (Kunimura).

Tokico Kambara (Yoshida), who is the personality of the radio program “Tokki and Hitotoki”, is very popular at the “Trouble Consultation Corner” that listeners send every week. However, Tokico also has troubles … His father, Tetsuya Kambara (Kunimura).

Tokico is swayed by his free-spirited father, but one day he decides to write an “essay” about his father. There is a secret feeling of a daughter who has a mixture of love and hate for her father and the life of her deceased mother.