User spending on IoT will be 10.2 trillion yen in 2025–IDC forecast

IDC Japan announced forecasts by industry sector and case studies by use case in the domestic IoT market. The actual amount of user spending in 2020 (estimated value) is 6,312.5 billion yen, and the average annual growth rate from 2020 to 2025 is expected to reach 10.1% and reach 10,190.2 billion yen in 2025.

Domestic IoT Market Expenditure Forecast, 2020-2025 (Source: IDC Japan) The largest IoT expenditures by industry are assembly manufacturing, process manufacturing, government offices, public / public interest, retail, and transportation, and the industrial scale is large. It is assumed that the utilization of IoT in the manufacturing industry is being promoted. Countermeasures against aging social infrastructure, sophistication of transportation systems, rapid increase in spending on smart grids, and widespread use of IoT across supply chains are also pushing up spending. In addition, the scale of IoT spending in the consumer field is also growing steadily, and it is expected that the market scale will be maintained next to assembly manufacturing and process manufacturing by driving use cases such as smart home appliances and smart homes (automation). are doing. Yuta Torinosu, Senior Market Analyst, IDC Japan Communications, said, “In the era of Next Normal, the way IoT solutions should be changed significantly. For example, measures against the increase in unemployment rate caused by the new coronavirus infection and flexible working styles have been realized. While there is a need for a mechanism to do this, we will be overwhelmingly more flexible than before by converting human abilities and human evaluations into data from all angles and utilizing it across companies through various technologies including IoT. It will establish a work style and enable the allocation of the right people in the right places, which is unmatched in the past. ”

Domestic IoT Market Expenditure by Use Case and Compound Annual Growth Rate from 2020 to 2025 (Source: IDC Japan)