Fukuoka FG’s everyone’s bank builds a full cloud contact center

Fukuoka Financial Group (FFG)’s “Minna no Bank” announced on April 8 that it has built a full-cloud contact center. The bank will start providing services in late May. The contact center consists of Salesforce.com’s “Salesforce Service Cloud” and Amazon Web Services (AWS)’s “Amazon Connect.” He explained that he adopted it because it has advantages such as construction in a short period of time, cost efficiency by pay-as-you-go billing, and expandability for increasing transaction volume. Minna no Bank will obtain a banking license in December 2020, and plans to provide full-cloud smartphone-based banking services. It was the first in Japan to build a core banking system in the public cloud, and this platform uses Google Cloud and Accenture’s “Accenture Cloud Native Solution (commonly known as MAINRI)”. At this contact center, we will handle customers by combining self-service support through FAQ sites and chatbots through centralized management of customer information and accumulation of response history. Enables linkage and analysis of various data through Salesforce.com and AWS services that support data analysis, machine learning, user engagement, etc., and provides added value to customers who make use of it for functional improvement and new service development. I’m going to do it.