Hikari Kuroki reveals a swimsuit other cut that stands out for her beautiful bust in “Manga Action”

Hikari Kuroki appears on the cover and beginning of “Manga Action” No.8 (Futabasha). The other cut and interview have arrived.

[Photo]Hikari Kuroki’s other cut dressed in a colorful swimsuit

Hikari Kuroki, a 20-year-old active high school girl. From April, he has been appointed as a new reporter for the information variety show “King’s Brunch” (TBS series), and is gaining momentum. This year, he finally became a “sixth grader in high school,” and in “Manga Action,” he showed a “girl and adult” look that is not seen in dramas and variety shows. From her uniform to her refreshing bikini, she is fascinated by her beautiful body and outstanding outfits.

* * *

–Congratulations on the appearance of Manga Action for the first time in about a year. This is the third cover appearance.

Kuroki for the first time in a year! ?? It’s been so long (laughs). One year is really quick. I’m really happy to be able to decorate the cover three times. Also, the content of my work has changed little by little from a year ago, so I’m happy to think that the people who are watching it may also change a little. And if you compare it with the previous cover for the first time in a year, it may be interesting to see the growth. I would also like to compare and see! !!

――How about wearing a uniform as an “active high school student”?

Kuroki active. That’s right … (laughs). I’m still active, but recently I’m pretty worried about whether I can wear a uniform. The reason is that you feel guilty wearing it? There are a few. But when I try on costumes, that? But I think I can still go. I’m a little scared to think so (laughs). So I will graduate early so that I can wear it as a costume instead of being active! !!

――How about Mr. Kuroki, who is living in high school after that?

Kuroki: I talked a little about it on the broadcast of “Kushijiri-sensei,” but I couldn’t graduate in March this time as well. To be honest, I’m really worried. But I really want to graduate from high school, so I’ll do my best this year at the end! By the way, “5.5th grade high school” means that you can graduate in September of this year at the earliest, so I’m saying these words as a stigma to myself so that I won’t go through the whole year. I will. I really do my best.

――Please tell us your favorite costume for this shoot.

Kuroki: I’ve been wearing a lot of different uniforms so far, but I’m glad I wore the color sailor suit that I wore for the first time. It’s a really cute uniform! I was excited to shoot while thinking that if the school uniform was this uniform, it would be fun every day. Other than that, I wore a cheerful swimsuit like Kuroki and a slightly mature red outfit, so please take a look!

――Please tell us if you have any future activities or information.

Kuroki From April, I became a regular reporter for “King’s Brunch”! In the future, we will be seriously looking forward to delivering information with full brightness so that everyone can smile. And every Sunday, I will do my best to grow steadily as an assistant of “Yabecchi Stadium”, so please continue to support me! !!

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