Inaugurated as a lecturer of sumika “SOL!” Specialized subjects are “artwork”, “physical education”, and “math”

sumika will appear on TOKYO FM’s regular program “SCHOOL OF LOCK!” Broadcast on April 6th (Tuesday). I talked about each specialty subject.

Sumika will deliver “sumika LOCKS!” Every Tuesday from April. In connection with his band name (house), he also expressed his enthusiasm to “architect” the listener’s dreams together as a “instructor of dream architecture”. This time, we will focus on the exchanges of members before announcing the name of this instructor.

Kenta Kataoka (Vo./Gt.): Good evening to all the students! We will announce what kind of class we sumika will be in charge of, using the blackboard!

Tomoyuki Arai (Dr./Cho.): Oh! What kind of class … what can we do?

Junnosuke Kuroda (Gt./Cho.): That’s right.

Arai: I don’t think there are many things that I can be proud of.

Kuroda: Right. Speaking of the subject that I was most good at …

Takayuki Ogawa (Key./Cho.): What? What is it?

Kuroda: I think it’s a drawing work.

Arai / Kataoka: (laughs).

Ogawa: It’s not music! (Lol).

Arai: But the artistic feeling is still (laughs). I was doing physical education.

Ogawa: I have an image of moving your body, Mr. Arai.

Arai: After all, I like exercise.

Ogawa: By the way, I was math.

Arai: Ogarin math? Are you good at it?

Ogawa: On the contrary, I can’t speak Japanese, but I accidentally entered a liberal arts university …

Arai: I made a mistake (laughs).

Ogawa: In my image, when I thought, “I’m sure this university is a science university,” I was a liberal arts student (laughs).

Kataoka / Kuroda: (laughs).

Arai: That’s amazing.

Kuroda: You can’t mistake the humanities and sciences … After that, the period of huge damage is long (laughs).

Ogawa: It’s long (laughs).

In addition, on the next broadcast on April 13, “Shake & Shake” will be fully aired for the first time from the double-sided A-side single “Shake & Shake / Nightwalker” released on June 2. Kataoka called out, “Don’t miss it!”

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