Is it more effective than baking soda? I tried cleaning with the topic “Sesquicarbonate soda”

The natural cleaning material “Sesquicarbonate Soda”, which has been attracting attention in recent years, is extremely effective against oil stains and odors. However, some people may not be able to tell the difference from baking soda, which has the same effect. In this article, I will explain how to use it while touching on the difference from baking soda. Let’s make the whole house shiny with sodium sesquicarbonate What is sodium sesquicarbonate? Sodium sesquicarbonate is made of ingredients that are more environmentally friendly and human-friendly than ordinary detergents, and is called “sodium sesquicarbonate”. It is an item. It has extremely high detergency and can be stored for a long period of time, so it has been recognized for its versatility and has been attracting attention recently. Therefore, it seems that more and more people are using only sodium sesquicarbonate to clean their homes.

How is it different from baking soda?

Sodium sesquicarbonate is alkaline, but baking soda is also alkaline, so it’s no wonder you can’t tell the difference. However, sodium sesquicarbonate is more alkaline and can easily remove stains that are difficult to remove with baking soda. However, the higher the cleaning power, the higher the risk. It may cause damage to the material or cause rough skin. It is recommended to use it properly according to the severity of the stain, such as using it for stains that cannot be removed with baking soda.

How to make a sesquispray

If you use sodium sesquicarbonate for cleaning, it is recommended to make a sesquispray. Add 1/2 teaspoon of sodium sesquicarbonate to 100 ml of water and mix well. Put it in an empty spray bottle and you’re done. When making a sesquispray, make only what you use. The point of making a sesquispray is to make only what you use. Even if you make a lot, it will gradually deteriorate.

How to use more than just cleaning

Sodium sesquicarbonate can be used to remove oil stains and sebum stains, but it also has the effect of alleviating the odor emitted by acidic substances. Let’s spray sesquispray on things that are stained with sebum stains such as sofas and cushions, and things that are worrisome about odors such as deodorizing trash cans, and let them dry. It is also recommended to use it instead of a deodorant spray. Sodium sesquicarbonate is also excellent as a deodorant. Use sodium sesquicarbonate to clean oil stains. Let’s actually use sodium sesquicarbonate to clean oil stains. Is it possible to remove greasy stains such as the ventilation fan around the kitchen and the wall of the stove, which have to be rubbed considerably even with detergent or a special sheet?

Soak the sesquispray in a rag

First, soak the sesquispray made by the above method into a rag. If the amount is small, it may not be effective, so let it soak in sufficiently. From now on, I will demonstrate whether this rag can be used to remove oil stains.

Why don’t you wipe the ventilation fan?

Since the ventilation fan is directly above the stove, it is a place where oil can easily fly and dirt can easily collect. Since it is easy to get dust, it is very sticky when you try to clean it, and it takes time and effort. Ventilation fan covered with oil stains after being left unattended (Click the image to display the original image) It looks like it is not very dirty in the image, but when you touch it, you can see that it is quite sticky and has oil stains. It is a ventilation fan that shows that it has not been cleaned because dust has entered the gap. Now, wipe the ventilation fan with a rag soaked with sesquispray. If you wipe it off with a rag, you can see that dirt has accumulated (click the image to display the original image) The ventilation fan body did not change in appearance. However, if you look at the rag, you can see that the dirt has been removed. Just wipe it with a sprayed rag and it will remove this much dirt, so the effect is outstanding.

Why don’t you wipe the wall near the stove?

Next, let’s clean the wall near the stove where the oil tends to splash and become sticky. Until now, I used to wipe it with a special sheet, but I didn’t clean it regularly because it took time and power. Oil stains are also attached to the wall (click the image to display the original image) As you can see, the wall is sticky as a whole. It’s so sticky that you need some strength to scrape it off. The oil stains on the wall are hard to remove, so it was a very stubborn stain, so I not only wiped it with a rag, but also sprayed it with sesquispray and left it for a while. After leaving it for a few minutes and wiping it off, the sticky stains have been removed. Even dirt that is old and difficult to remove can be removed by leaving it for a while, so please try it.

Why don’t you wipe around the stove?

Finally, let’s wipe the area around the stove. The oil stains are terrible, and the stains have entered the gaps. Around the stove where dirt easily collects (Click the image to display the original image) It is assumed that it is sticky to the touch. Use a rag soaked with sesquispray to remove this dirt. Sodium sesquicarbonate removes oil stains cleanly. After wiping with a rag several times, the silver part regains reflection and the stains that have entered the gap are also removed. It was quite sticky, but it cleaned faster than I expected, and I realized that sodium sesquicarbonate is an item that is effective against oil stains. Cleaning clothes with sodium sesquicarbonate Sodium sesquicarbonate is said to be effective for washing, but let’s try the effect with clothes with dirty collars. Since it is a stain created by sebum, it seems to be compatible with sodium sesquicarbonate.

Immersion method

This time, I experimented with my favorite T-shirt. Spray the sesquispray on the dirty collar. If you use the T-shirt for a long time, the neck area will get dirty (click the image to display the original image). Even if you wear it normally, the dirt will be visible on the outside, so I like it, but I don’t wear it. Will the stains that did not come off no matter how many times I wash them come off? Sodium sesquicarbonate can also be used for stains around the collar on T-shirts. Sodium sesquicarbonate is sprayed firmly to spread the sodium sesquicarbonate over the stains. It is recommended to make a large amount of sesquispray when using it on clothes, because the whole thing will not get wet unless it is sprayed on the clothes. Leave it as it is for about 2 hours.

Can you remove stains on your clothes?

Two hours later, the clothes weren’t completely clean, but they were lighter and the range of yellowing was narrower than they were at the beginning. The dirt around the neck is getting lighter. If you really want to remove the dirt with sodium sesquicarbonate, try soaking it for a long time or increasing the concentration of sesquispray. Precautions when using sodium sesquicarbonate Sodium sesquicarbonate is a highly detergency item, so you need to be careful when using it. Just because it is kind to the environment and the human body does not mean that you can eat or drink it. Follow the correct usage and clean it safely.

Expiration date of spray bottle

If you make a spray with sodium sesquicarbonate, try to use it up on the spot. If it is stored for a long period of time, it will deteriorate, and even though it should have been cleaned, it will increase bacteria and dirt. If you don’t know how much you can use up, it is recommended to make it little by little.

Be careful if you have sensitive skin

Sodium sesquicarbonate is an alkaline substance, so it is effective against sebum stains and oil stains. However, it means that it has the function of dissolving protein, and when it gets on your hands, the protein dissolves and becomes slimy. Be sure to use rubber gloves to clean it as it may cause rough hands. People with sensitive skin should use it with extreme caution. If you can’t get rid of the slimy hands, try neutralizing with an acidic one.

Don’t let pets and kids lick

Sodium sesquicarbonate is kind to the environment and the human body, but be careful not to let your pets or children lick it. Keep it out of reach as much as possible, and try to put it away as soon as you use it. Even if a small amount is mixed with stomach acid and neutralized, if a large amount is taken, it may cause symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. If you feel sick or feel something is wrong, go to a medical institution for a diagnosis. Precautions when using sodium sesquicarbonate Sodium sesquicarbonate is effective against oil stains and odors Sodium sesquicarbonate is a versatile cleaning item that can be easily obtained at drug stores. It’s basically environmentally friendly and human-friendly, so you can use it for daily cleaning without any problems. It is compatible with oil stains and sebum stains, and can be expected to be more effective than baking soda. Make good use of it when cleaning and lead a comfortable lifestyle.