Ryoko Shinohara shows off her beautiful skin and is “not satisfied …” with a provocative look.

Actress Ryoko Shinohara will appear in the new CM “Birth” and “Beauty” of Nivea-Kao’s “Shunkan Sensoku! Nivea Beauty Oil Cleanse” (Nivea Cleansing Oil Beauty Skin), which will be broadcast nationwide from the 9th. It turned out on the 8th. From the new commercial of “Nivea Beauty Oil Cleanse”, Ryoko Shinohara said, “Did you really fall?” In the “Birth” edition, and “I can’t be satisfied just by removing the makeup” in the “Beauty” edition. Start with a provocative line. At the end, he showed a radiant expression such as “I licked” and “I’m gonna do it!”, Making the CM attractive with Shinohara’s “Anego feeling”. She also shows off her beautiful skin in the face-washing scene. In the shooting, Shinohara had a friendly personality to soften the scene. There is also a playful appearance that makes the staff laugh by wearing a towel like a warm towel. When the camera turned, he showed a crisp expression at once, and Shinohara suggested the wording of the lines, leading the scene. Shinohara says that he is careful when removing makeup, “Do not rub too much, remove it with a gentle stroke. I think it is not good to stimulate the skin, so it is gentle and gentle and loves the skin. I try to drop it with a feeling of protection. ” In addition, he said, “I’m addicted to natural make-up because I spend more time at home. I wear a mask when I go out, so I try to wear eye make-up firmly.” Told.