The biggest complaint about corporate security is “management indifference”-Sophos research

In a security survey conducted by security firm Sophos on corporate decision makers, the biggest complaints companies in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region felt were management indifference. In this survey, the company conducted questionnaires and interviews with 900 people in Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore through Tech Research Asia. The results show that corporate security budgets have stagnated despite the rise in cyberattacks, and executives continue to underestimate the damage that threats can do to organizations. According to the survey results, about 70% of the respondents experienced data breaches in 2020, an increase of 36% from the previous year. Fifty-five percent rated their data breaches as “very serious” or “serious,” and about 17% were attacked 50 times a week. The change in the ratio of security budget to sales was almost flat between 2019 in the previous survey and 2021 this time. 59% of respondents believe their budget is below what they originally needed, the same as in 2019. The most dissatisfied respondents were the third in the previous survey, “Executives take cybersecurity easily, and cybersecurity threats and problems are exaggerated.” The second place was “insufficient budget” as in the previous time, and the third place was “insufficient security personnel” which was the first place last time. Aaron Bugal, a global solution engineer at the company, points out that supply chain security risks are increasing these days, based on the findings. “The misconception of executives who think’security incidents are exaggerated’has been highlighted. I’m confused by the prevalence of this attitude. Integrated response to cyber resilience. Is strongly sought after, and every organization needs to play its own role, and everyone must have a good understanding of the risks in order to play a role. ”