Trend Micro announces security features for 5G–demonstrated with Fujitsu

On April 8th, Trend Micro announced “Trend Micro Mobile Network Security (TMMNS)”, a security solution for 5G / local 5G (5th generation mobile communication system) environments. It will be provided to telecommunications carriers, system integrators, and service providers from the 15th. The effectiveness was also confirmed in a demonstration experiment with Fujitsu.

Configuration of “Trend Micro Mobile Network Security” TMMNS is “TMMNS Endpoint Protection” that operates on the SIM card of the terminal device (endpoint) that connects to the 5G network, and “TMMNS Network Protection” that operates on the network of the 5G system. Consists of. On the endpoint side, the authenticity of the device is confirmed by embedding a Java applet in the SIM card and matching the IMEI of the device with the IMSI of the SIM unique number.

SIM TMMNS Network Protection of “TMMNS Endpoint Protection” has IDS / IPS (Intrusion Detection / Prevention System) and web threat countermeasures, application control, abnormal communication detection, device identification, IoT threat countermeasures, and network usage restriction security functions in the communication path. To deploy. This enables monitoring, visualization, blocking, and prevention of threats such as unauthorized devices and applications, website connections, exploitation of vulnerabilities, and denial of service (DoS), and cyber attacks. Trend Micro and Fujitsu are a system that assumes a private 5G (local 5G) system at Fujitsu’s facility “FUJITSU Collaboration Lab” in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and a smart factory that operates high-definition surveillance cameras and unmanned transport vehicles. Demonstrated TM MNS. Fujitsu verifies the visualization of the security status of IoT devices and networks, the detection of unauthorized IoT devices by replacing SIMs, the control of communication to networks, etc., the detection and prevention of threats that invade networks, the replacement of SIMs and malware infection. It has been confirmed that the system can be protected from devices and the like.

An example of a verification scenario with Fujitsu In the future, Fujitsu’s Oyama Plant will also conduct verification until September, and will consider commercializing it as a security solution for local 5G and expanding it globally.