Fujitsu provides cloud to support school sites–Toward early establishment of “GIGA school concept”

Fujitsu is a cloud service “FUJITSU Educational Solution Cloud Shun” that promotes smooth lessons and children / students’ learning using tablets at school sites and supports the early establishment of the “GIGA (Global and Innovation Gateway for All) School Concept”. “Kai Classroom Assist” (Cloud Shunkai) is now available. The selling price excluding tax is 5,000 yen per month for the basic service (50 licenses) and 60,000 yen per year. The additional cost of the license is 100 yen per license per month and 1200 yen per year. The GIGA school concept is for children / students attending schools nationwide, by integrally developing a terminal for each person and a high-speed, large-capacity communication network, and providing fair and individually optimized education at school sites nationwide. A concept to realize it sustainably. Cloud Shunkai has a function to notify children / students of insufficient battery level and communication status on the tablet terminal in an easy-to-understand manner, and a function to easily switch the network environment according to the learning location, making it easy for teachers and parents. It provides a function to set the usage range such as the connection destination and connection time of the tablet terminal network of children / students, and a function to grasp the usage status of the tablet terminal by the board of education and the school. In addition to school and home, once you connect, you can easily switch the connection to networks such as libraries and other public facilities with the buttons on the screen, and you can study using a tablet terminal regardless of location. .. With the function that teachers and parents can easily set the usage range such as the connection destination and connection time zone of the tablet terminal network, it is possible to block connections other than the specified network. This prevents troubles on the Internet by children / students and shuts them off from all networks except at designated times, so it is possible to prevent health damage and academic deterioration due to staying up late. In addition, the transition of occupancy rate and usage time for the entire school, grade, and class is displayed in a graph that is easy to understand visually. Since teachers can immediately grasp the usage status of tablet terminals for each grade and class, it will be possible to use it to improve lessons on a daily basis based on the usage status. In addition, for schools that deploy tablet terminals with the budget of the national and local governments, the Board of Education is obliged to report the usage status of tablet terminals to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and local governments, so all schools in the local government It also has a function to visualize the usage status of tablet terminals. By the end of 2021, Fujitsu will provide an AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot function for teachers that automatically answers questions about IT utilization. In addition, we will provide a help desk service that responds to inquiries from teachers that cannot be solved by chatbots by telephone, and a function that visualizes / analyzes the learning status of each child / student. We will provide these services in the cloud and support teachers in all directions.