Nisio Isin “New Authentic Magical Girl Risuka” Manga version is another magazine, drawn by Nao Emoto of “Araoto”

Nisio Isin’s “New Authentic Magical Girl Risuka” comicalized serialization started in the May issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine (Kodansha) released today on April 9th. The drawing is done by Nao Emoto of “The Maidens in the Rough Season.” “New Authentic Magical Girl Risuka” is a magical adventure tan that depicts Risuka Mizukura, a witch girl who has the power to manipulate time, and Soki Kugi, a fifth grader who gives instructions to Risuka. Kizutaka, who was looking for a “useful hand piece” for his own ambition, has the nickname of “Witch of the Red Time” who came from Nagasaki Prefecture, a “magical country” where the transfer student, Risuka, is closed by a huge castle gate. Know that you are a witch. The two who have the same interests deepen their exchange, but one day, Kizutaka witnesses a mysterious mass suicide at the platform of the station. Also, a contribution project entitled “New Authentic Magical Girl Exhibition” has started. In the first installment, support illustrations and comments from Shiomiya Iruka, who was in charge of drawing in the comicalize of “Reizaki Sojin no Human Examination”, were posted. Furthermore, to commemorate the start of the new serialization, in this issue, we are implementing a gift plan in which 100 duplicate original drawings with serial numbers will be drawn by lottery. Check the magazine for details. In addition, in this issue, Hajime Isayama’s “Attack on Titan” is complete. In addition, Akira Nakajima’s “Rasu Tokisu”, Juntaro Aoki’s original Hirota Takahara “Come again, Shitami-san”, and Atsushi Horiuchi’s “God Veterinary Doctor” based on Kobayashi’s original work have reached the final episode.