Okta announces new products such as privileged access management / governance management

On April 8th, Okta Japan held an online briefing session for the press about the new products “Okta Privileged Access” and “Okta Indentity Governance”. It will be announced at the private event “oktane 21” held online April 6-8, 2021 US time. “Identity (ID) management is at the heart of all technologies that provide superior value to users,” said Diya Jolly, Chief Product Officer of Okta. Emphasized the significance of. On top of that, “The potential of ID is wide-ranging, and even if it is a set of one or several products, it is not possible to cover all the use cases that any organization needs for ID management. It’s impossible, “he said, and the company is taking a platform approach.

Okta Chief Product Officer Diya Jolly The company’s platform “not only implements core identity functionality, but also allows customers and partners to add their own innovations / solutions to the Okta Identity Platform.” It also includes groups. ” “Okta Identity Cloud” is a form in which “packaged products” are implemented on the Okta Identity Platform, which includes various platform services and programmable components. Conventionally, IAM (Identity Access Management) has been the basis for packaged products, but with this announcement, PAM (Privileged Access Management) and IGA (Identity Governance and) are new functions alongside IAM. Administration: Identity governance and management) will be added.

Okta Identity Cloud configuration.The service used by the user is implemented as a package product on the platform that provides the basic functions / services.

Conventionally, IAM (identity access management) functions have been the basis for packaged products on the platform, but with the addition of PAM (privileged access management) and IGA (governance), the portfolio has expanded at once. There are already competing products, but how they differ from existing solutions, he said, “The previous solutions were built for legacy identity management and assume a relatively small on-premises environment. It was designed, but Okta is “cloud-first” from the beginning. ” Both Okta Privileged Access and Okta Identity Governace will be available in the first quarter of 2022. Existing Okta users will be able to take advantage of these new features in the form of paid upgrades.

Overview of Okta Privileged Access (PAM)

Outline of Okta Identity Governance (IGA) In addition, the expansion of the pre-linked application group “Okta Integration Network” was explained as an extension on the platform side. This time, it has expanded in four major “Customer Identity fields”: “fraud and risk countermeasures,” “customer data orchestration,” “data privacy and compliance,” and “software development life cycle.” In addition, “Okta Starter Developer Edition” was announced as a developer tool for incorporating Okta’s authentication / authorization / user management functions into applications. It’s free for up to 15,000 active users per month and includes access to Okta’s Coastomer Identity products, including Adaptive MFA (Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication) and API Access Management. As of the same day, it is generally available on the company’s developer site.

In most cases, conventional ID-related products / solutions have independent silo-type divided configurations, but in the case of Okta, each function is implemented on a common platform, so they are integrated. The availability of a single independence control plane is a major difference from the competition.

Overview of Okta Starter Developer Edition