Solving problems peculiar to the railway industry–NTT Data provides “Biz∫ Railway Solution”

NTT DATA, NTT DATA Kyushu, NTT DATA Business Systems, NTT DATA Biz Integral, and Pro-Ship have started to provide “Biz∫ Railway Solutions” for group companies engaged in railway business in Japan. Aim to introduce it to 10 groups in the next 5 years. Overview of Biz∫ Railway Solutions (Press Release: NTT DATA)

* Click to see an enlarged image This product utilizes the core ERP (Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning) platform common to the group for operations unique to the railway industry, such as compliance with railway accounting rules and settlement of construction in progress when construction is completed. However, a railway industry-specific solution that provides the functions required by railway operators. It works with “intra-mart”, which has a share of more than 7,500 companies that have been introduced in Japan in the workflow field. Since it is packaged based on the model being operated by the railway operator, the load at the time of introduction can be reduced, and AI-OCR (optical character recognition utilizing artificial intelligence), RPA (robotic process automation), document management By linking / utilizing with solutions, we will contribute to the realization of new work styles based on remote work, the progress of efficient accounting work, and the utilization of group business management data. This product was built around the loosely coupled ERP package software “Biz∫” developed / sold by NTT DATA Biz Integral. We have realized functions and operations suitable for railway company groups that carry out diversified management such as department stores and hotel businesses, and by linking with the comprehensive asset management solution “ProPlus”, railway operator-specific requirements such as construction completion management and law revisions. Enables asset management corresponding to. Due to these functions, “accounting rules to be complied with in each field are different”, “systems are becoming more legacy, and DX (digital transformation) promotion utilizing the latest digital technology is stagnant.” In addition, it is possible to deal with issues such as “the number of group companies and the number / types of fixed assets held are large”. As the roles of each company, NTT DATA, NTT DATA Kyushu, and NTT DATA Business Systems are mainly in charge of development, pre-sales, and introduction of Biz∫ railway solutions, and NTT DATA Biz Integral is in charge of pre-sales and sales / maintenance of Biz∫. / Support partners. Pro-Ship is in charge of sales and maintenance of Pro Plus.