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U-NEXT official website “Mobile Suit Gundam F91″ Synopsis / Cast Mobile Suit Gundam F91[Tap to open]”Mobile Suit Gundam F91” released on 6/22 4K Remaster BOX PV[Tap to open]Movie “Mobile Suit Gundam F91” Theater notice HD

Title of work
Mobile Suit Gundam F91

Broadcast year

Production company

directed by
Yoshiyuki Tomino

Official site
Mobile Suit Gundam F91 | Official Website

Official Twitter
Mobile Suit Gundam F91 | Official Twitter

Mobile Suit Gundam F91 | Wikipedia

Yoshiyuki Tomino ・ “Mobile Suit Gundam F91”cast
Seabook Arno: Koji Tsujitani / Cecily Fairchild (Bella Rona): Yumi Touma / Reese Arno: Sayuri Ikemoto / Leslie Arno: Mikio Terashima / Monica Arno: Miyoko Shoji / My Tour Rona: Teppei Takasugi / Carozzo Rona (Iron Mask): Masaaki Maeda / Nadia Rona: Akiko Tsuboi / Dorel Ronah: Takeshi Kusao / Sabine Chareux: Kiyoyuki Ryoda

Synopsis of “Mobile Suit Gundam F91”

Universal Century 0123. Frontier IV, a new frontier side colony around the moon. A school festival was held at the frontier school inside, and a peaceful day as usual was about to pass. Meanwhile, there was an MS unit approaching Frontier IV. Their name is Crossbone Vanguard. It was an MS belonging to an armed group founded by Mitzer Rona, who advocates “Cosmo aristocraticism”, which is a true aristocratic rule for the common people. The Crossbone Vanguard MS infiltrates the inside of Frontier IV, and the battle with the intercepting Federal Army MS turns the peaceful colony into a battlefield. During the war, Seabook Arno, a student at Frontier Academy, was trying to evacuate to the shelter with his childhood friend Cecily Fairchild and other school associates. However, it was the MS of Crossbone Vanguard that appeared in front of the Seabooks who overcame the dead land and finally arrived at the spaceport. Their purpose was to bring back Cecily, the blood of the Rona family. Cecily leaves her friends with her brother who came to pick her up. After that, the escaped Seabooks arrived at Frontier I by space boat. Seabook, helped by the training ship Space Ark, who escaped the pursuit of Crossbone Vanguard at Frontier I, meets the new M robot 91 Gundam that his mother was developing there. However, the pursuit finally reached Space Ark, and Seabook sortieed at F91. While fighting for the first time, he dismissed the MS unit of Crossbone Vanguard. At that time, Cecily decided to live as a woman of the Rona family and was about to attend the Cosmo Babylonia founding ceremony at Frontier IV. Seabook returns to the colony on the eve of the founding ceremony and reunites with Cecily. However, she cannot overturn her decision and will be separated again. Then, the invasion of Frontier I by Crossbone Vanguard begins again. There, the two who have become enemies and allies reunite on the battlefield as MS pilots. However, behind the ongoing operation, a huge conspiracy of Cecily’s father, the Iron Mask, was underway. Can Seabook and Cecily, who have been separated, communicate again? And what is the identity of the plot that the Iron Mask plans …?Source: From “Mobile Suit Gundam F91”

Highlights of “Mobile Suit Gundam F91”

This is the movie version of “Mobile Suit Gundam” 40 years later. The main characters, Seabooks, are suddenly involved in a war in a land without war, and the appearance of the panic raises our sense of crisis as a generation who does not know the war. Speaking of Gundam, mobile suits are also a highlight, and this movie is the 10th anniversary of Gundam production and has a strong sense of a new generation. It is a work that aims at a new innovation of Gundam work that has a different impression from the past work by renewing the elements so far such as character, mechanic design, enemy forces.

Impressions of “Mobile Suit Gundam F91”

First of all, I was surprised that it was a 1991 work 30 years ago. The tragic depiction of war was breathtaking, but contrary to that, the theme song “ETERNAL WIND ~ Smile is in the shining wind ~” sung by Hiroko Moriguchi made me feel refreshed and nostalgic. did. It was a work that made me happy that I was born in an era when I didn’t know about war, and at the same time, I felt strongly that I should never start a war again without looking away from the tragic reality of the past. Watch the officially distributed video for free (Sho Hibanno) While learning WEB marketing, we will make use of the work of writing and media management and strive to introduce better products and services to users.

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