Marie Iitoyo’s new commercial for “Shin Ramyun” has been released, and she is nailed to the cute noodles

A new commercial for Shin Ramyun featuring Marie Iitoyo will be released on “Shin Ramyun Day” on Saturday, April 10th.

[Photo]A masterpiece, 2700 spicy ramen lined up all over the shelf

This new commercial for Shin Ramyun begins with a scene in which Marie Iitoyo, who dresses as a supermarket clerk, sells goods with the store manager.

When the store manager talked to Iitoyo, who was working silently, “(Midnight part-time job) is hard, isn’t it?” When I noticed, a large amount of spicy ramen was lined up all over the shelf. After returning home from a part-time job, Iitoyo eats spicy ramen and shouts “Chinchamasisoyooooo!”, Which means “very delicious” in Korean. Such a slightly mysterious atmosphere and surreal development.

There are 2,700 Shin Ramyun bag noodles prepared for shooting. After seeing a large amount of Shin Ramyun, Iitoyo said to the camera, “Wow! Look at this! Zura ~~~!” It was a bright shooting scene, saying “Kamsa Hamnida” after the spicy ramen from South Korea.

Also, from April 1st (Thursday) to July 31st (Saturday), a campaign will be held in which 3,000 people will receive 500 LINE points when they purchase Shin Ramyun.

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