The story of saving money starting from zero.Two things to do first

◆ What do people who want to save money start with?
I want to be able to do money properly, but I don’t know what to start with. There is so much information in the world that many people may be confused about their choice of action.

For those people, do these two things first.

◆ 1: You can save a lot just by spending money systematically.
Before you can save money, you need to make money from your work, but we’ll assume that you’re done.

Well, the most important thing is not investment. All you have to do is spend your money systematically. This is not necessarily a savings. You can spend money on what you need, but don’t waste it. This is the most reliable than thinking about various difficult things.

If you can’t do this, no matter how well you enter a well-paid company or how much you make a lot of money on your investment, you won’t have any money left.

Think carefully before you buy, and if you really want it, make a plan and save money to buy (eliminate the idea that it’s okay because you have a credit card). Just being able to do this will actually save you a lot.

◆ 2: Don’t let the money left without spending
The next thing to think about is where to deposit the surplus money that you haven’t spent. If you leave it in the account to which your salary was transferred, you will want to use it, so evacuate your money. If you are not careful about your money, you will run away more and more.

When you say the ideal of the deposit destination, it becomes a difficult story that it is an investment trust or a foreign currency. However, if you stumble there, it doesn’t make sense, so at this stage, you can just use a “fixed deposit”.

◆ If you don’t know about time deposits
If you don’t know what a time deposit looks like, just know this.

● For fixed deposits, the deposit period is fixed, such as months or years.

● If you cancel before the maturity (the last day of the period), the interest will be reduced (however, the deposited money will not be reduced).

● Interest rates are better than ordinary deposits (the account to which salary is transferred is this). In other words, you can get a lot of interest.

● If the deposited money is less than 10 million yen, even if the bank goes bankrupt, you can receive the deposited money and interest properly, so you can rest assured.

Time deposits can be made by going to the bank or by internet banking.

It’s a hassle to complete the procedure every month, and I’m sure you’ll forget it, so it’s recommended that you make a “reserve” that allows you to make a fixed deposit automatically every month.

It is safe to set the period to about one year and automatically renew it (you do not have to ask for the best at this stage. You can find the best for yourself and deposit it while gaining a sense of money and knowledge. Let’s change the destination).

◆ What is the secret plan to collect?
If I use it systematically, I will have money left, so I wrote that I would use it as a time deposit. There is a secret to making this more steadily successful. Reverse the order.

You first decide how much you want to save each month, and as soon as you get paid, you make that amount into a time deposit. You “pre-empt” the money you save.

If you apply for a reserve, you will set it immediately after the payday. If you do so, the account to which your salary will be transferred will only contain the “amount you can spend this month.”

That way, even if you don’t like it, you will be able to manage within that amount.

◆ I’m starting to save money.Towards the next
Only when you are able to save money every month should you make asset management an option. Asset management is not essential, and if you have some assets such as savings or inheritance from your parents, you do not have to do it.

Also, those who are worried that their income is low and their savings are small, or that they will not always have regular income, should not start investing.

Because there is a “risk” in investing that money may increase but may decrease.

If you have a small income and are worried about your future income, first save a fixed amount every month.

If you get used to making ends meet and you are able to save money smoothly, or if you have room to save, let’s introduce an investment trust. For example, out of the monthly savings of 50,000 yen, 10,000 yen will be reserved for investment trusts.

For that time, get the knowledge little by little now. When you start investing, don’t jump into high-risk things.

Sentence = Junko Yagara (Money Guide)