[Who’s birthday today? ]Who is the voice actor whose birthday is April 10th?

Today April 10th is “Ekiben Day”. April is the holiday season when demand for ekiben is expected to grow, and on the 10th from the “to” of “bento”, the letters “bento” of the bento will be a combination of the Western numeral “4” and the Chinese numeral “10”. It seems that it was established because it has similar characters. In addition, today, Matthew Perry, an American Navy soldier who led a fleet in the Edo period and requested the opening of a port in Japan, which was a closed port, and signed the Japan-US Friendship Treaty to open Japan, was born. It is also the day.

These are the voice actors who were born on April 10th.

・ Tomoyo Kurosawa
・ Takaaki Uchino
・ Kenshiro Usuki
・ Yukifumi Takeda
・ Hideki Nakanishi

Inubōsaki in the anime “Yuki Yuna is a Hero”, Miria Akagi in “The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls”, Kumiko Komae in “Sound! Euphonium”, and “The Maidens in Your Rough Season”. Tomoyo Kurosawa who played Hitoshi Hongo in “Kuroko’s Basketball”, Kenichi Okamura in the anime “Kuroko’s Basketball”, Iwata in “100% Pascal sensei”, and Wasabi in the overseas movie “Big Hero 6”. San and others have celebrated their birthday.

Speaking of Mr. Kurosawa, you also appeared in the TV anime “Yurucamp △ SEASON2” as Ayano Toki.
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Congratulations to all of you on your birthday today. I wish you a good year ♪