Yohei Sadoshima, editor of popular manga, talks about “Manga Swamp”

© ytv Yohei Sadoshima, an editor who has released hit works such as “Space Brothers,” “Dragon Zakura,” and “Hataraki Man,” is now paying attention to the talent of comedians.

Variety “Manga Swamp” hosted by Akira Kawashima, a well-known manga enthusiast, and Kenji Yamauchi, a comedian (Yomiuri TV every Sunday 1: 28-1: 58, NTV every Friday 1: 59-2: 29 In charge of the jury at the corner “Entertainer 4-frame Manga King Championship” held at (on air). From the standpoint of the editor who has set up the hit, he has commented on the manga of the entertainers, but he says that he feels the possibility with all the masterpieces.

We asked Mr. Satoshima, the representative of the manga artist / writer’s agent company Cork, about Imadoki’s “talent” that makes content interesting.

[Planning: Seidai Moriwaki / Interview / text: Shigeki Suzuki]

――The comedian’s manga is good and interesting in “Manga Swamp”. As an editor, how do you see this phenomenon?

Sado Island: I feel that the boundary between professionals and non-professionals has disappeared. Until now, it was physically and time-consuming to do multiple jobs, but now we are in an era where we can do more and more.

Entertainers are people who are serious about interesting things, so if you can draw a picture among them, you can say that it is already on the same level as a cartoonist. .. When thinking about Tale, there is a storyboard in my head like a manga, and I think that it is a kind of natural thing that the entertainers’ manga is interesting. ..

In the future, there will be more entertainers and manga artists, manga artists and entertainers, and people without such barriers.

――Some entertainers have already won the Akutagawa Prize and the Tezuka Award for manga. Do you have any comedians who are paying attention as an editor?

Sado Island: The person I met was Mr. Itakura from Impulse. He has published a novel, but I think he is a very talented person. People who think about stories have a lot of ideas.

Also, Mr. Inoue from NON STYLE. I’ve worked with LINE Manga together, but I had a tremendous amount of ability to make proposals for manga. It’s a suggestion, “I think it would be more interesting if we did this more.” Mr. Inoue seems to leave it to his partner to make the material for the combination, but I felt that he was good at giving feedback to the material.

–Mr. Satoshima, as an editor, thinks that “now you should go find talent here.”

Sado Island: It’s been a long time ago. When I was at a publishing company, I had the feeling of searching for myself and having a newcomer award for a magazine, and from there I was able to meet talent. Now, of course, you can search for it yourself, but programs like “Manga Swamp” play a role like a rookie award, and you are creating a place for such encounters yourself. So, if there is an interesting person, I would ask, “Why don’t you go to the manga school I’m doing?”
–Mr. Satoshima has appeared in various media, but is this your first straight variety like “Manga Swamp”?

Sado Island: It’s the beginning. For the production of the program, I wear a jersey, but when the staff first said, “I want to make a jersey, please tell me the size.” I was worried, “…?” (Laughs). However, once you enter the town, you can follow the town, and when it starts, it’s a program full of love for manga, so I want to do anything if it can be conveyed.

–What are your impressions of the moderator, Kirin Kawashima and KAMAITACHI Yamauchi?

Sado Island: Both of you are kind. In my case, I’m on the show as an editor, so I start talking to the posted manga, “It would be more interesting if I did this!” There is kindness. After that, I play with it firmly (laughs). After messing around, it’s solid and gentle. I’m impressed with how good it is.

――By the way, “Hataraki Man” and “Dragon Zakura” that Mr. Satoshima was in charge of have been made into a drama. How much are you aware of the possibility of making a drama when you first plan a manga?

Sado Island: When I make it, I give top priority to what kind of material is best for the manga artist, so I don’t expect it to be a live-action film. However, the idea is that if it is better to make the finished product into a live-action film, we will do it for promotion. To the last, the standard is what to do to make manga interesting.

――How do you see the original manga drama that you were in charge of?

Sado Island: When it comes to who is the main character in “Manga Swamp,” I think Mr. Kawashima and Mr. Yamauchi. The two create fun through the subject of manga. Even in the case of live-action manga dramas, I think that the leading actor is the most attractive, so I think that there is an original to make it stand out. Of course, when you read the original, I would like you to think that the original is the most interesting.

――What do you think about TV animation? “Space Brothers” etc. have been animated.

Sado Island: As for animation, it’s closer to the original than the live-action film, so how do you make the original mind into a video as it is? I want you to take on that challenge.

There is a difference between whether the actor shines or the mindset of the original. Regarding anime, I want you to reproduce manga in just proportion.

–The media is no longer borderless. Meanwhile, what kind of talent do you want to pursue as a representative of the creator’s agent company?

Sado Island: A person who keeps thinking about interesting things and is not bound by common sense. Still, a person who produces stable output. Weekly or daily. I think that being prolific is very important in this era. For four-frame manga, it is important to have enough output every day.

The talent for creating comics and comics is similar to manga, so I think there is a great possibility that entertainers will create story-like content in the future.

…… Mr. Sadoshima who told me that. It seems that new talent will be discovered from “Manga Swamp” and new entertainment will be born to entertain us. Attention!

President / Editor of Cork Co., Ltd. Born in 1979. After graduating from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Tokyo, he joined Kodansha in 2002. Edited hit works such as “Space Brothers” (Chuya Koyama), “Dragon Zakura” (Norifusa Mita), and “Hataraki Man” (Moyoco Anno). He left Kodansha in 2012 and founded Cork Co., Ltd. in order to create the shape of writers, works, and readers that match the Internet age. While the traditional business model is collapsing, he feels the potential of the community and runs an online salon called “Cork Lab”.