Yui Sakuma “Do you like the stage?” What is Jiro Sato’s bomb remark that answered the straight ball question?

The TOKYO FM program “Good Room Net presents Jiro Sato’s Good Room Jiro”, in which actor Jiro Sato serves as a personality. Sato will be the “landlord” of “Good Room Jiro” and the listener will be the “resident” to answer daily worries and questions. Actress Yui Sakuma will appear as a guest on the broadcast on Saturday, April 10th. We talked about the stage.

Yui Sakuma (right) and personality Jiro Sato

◆ Bomb remarks about the stage from Sato !?

Mr. Sakuma took the first stage on the stage “Tenamaru”, which was staged from December last year to January this year, directed by Akira Emoto and starring Tatsuya Fujiwara. A question was asked to Sato, who has experienced many stages so far, “Do you like the stage?”

Sato was surprised at such a question that was too straightforward, “You asked a great question.” “The movie belongs to the director. The drama belongs to the producer. It is often said that the stage belongs to the actor. That is the video work. It’s a good thing, but the editorial rights are held by the director and the producer, but the actors can do everything between themselves, “he explained.

Then he said, “I’ll say this for the first time …” and said, “I’m not going to do the stage for a while.” Because, “I want to do it now because I want to make a movie and appear in a movie / drama,” he says.

“I’m doing a theater unit called” Chikarawaza “to embody what I want to do, so I might do that, but I have no intention of appearing on other stages for a while. The second directorial work “Haruwo Uruhito” will be released on June 4th (Friday), but I would like to work with the third and fourth works. ” ..

However, “I think that being rather flexible or honest is what I like about 51 years old and 8 years old mentally, so I may have changed my mind a little earlier. So three months later May say, “Do the stage!”, So please listen to it lazily. Ha ha ha! “

Then Sato asked the opposite question, “What about Yui-chan’s stage?” To this, Mr. Sakuma said, “I didn’t know if I liked it until the end of the stage, for a long time. I still don’t know. So I asked Jiro a very vague question. I’ve done it, “he reveals the intent of the question.

Then, Sato said, “When an actor who was only a video appears on the stage, he becomes extremely addicted and becomes extremely addicted to” I want to do the stage “or” I will never do it again “. It’s often said that Yui-chan doesn’t know until the first stage is over, isn’t it? It’s okay to be very honest. As in movies and dramas, there are as many different stages as there are stars. So, “he says sincerely.

In addition, referring to the words that Sato said when he was drinking with his close friend Yumi Suzuki, “It’s okay to do what you want to do,” he said, “You have to be old to some extent. There may be times when you can’t find what you really want to do, or you can’t, but Yui-chan shouldn’t be impatient and just keep doing what you want to do, “said Sakuma-san,” I’m glad. Thank you! I was smiling.

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