Hikaru Yaotome, making videos with cats I hate … “Oh !? Cute!”

Hikaru Yaotome of the idol group Hey! Say! JUMP will challenge to make a buzzing cat video on Nippon Television’s variety show “School Revolution!” (Every Sunday from 11:45 onwards * Kanto Local). Hey! Say! JUMP’s Hikaru Yaotome = Provided by NTV Yaotome has been showing off what she hates cats on various locations. However, since “cat” is an overwhelmingly popular killer word on SNS, we decided to make a video that buzzes in the middle with the help of cute cats. First of all, I decided to go under the acrylic board and shoot the cat’s paws from below. I managed to close my eyes and try to shoot, but I was afraid of something and shouted “I’m going home!” However, when a cute one-month-old kitten appears, that Yaotome involuntarily hugs the kitten, saying, “Oh !? Cute!”. Is it possible to overcome the dislike of cats and succeed in shooting videos of kittens and nose chews? On YouTube NTV official channel and program official Twitter, a part of this location pattern will be delivered in advance. In addition, a cat video taken by Yaotome & Nasunakanishi is also distributed.