Looking back on the impressive scene with Kenichi Matsuyama and Fumino Kimura “I feel like they were both naked”

Actor Kenichi Matsuyama took the stage with co-stars Fumino Kimura, Masahiro Higashide, Tokio Emoto, and director Keisuke Yoshida who took the megaphone at the public commemorative stage greeting of the movie “BLUE” held in Tokyo on the 10th. .. From the left, director Keisuke Yoshida, Masahiro Higashide, Kenichi Matsuyama, Fumino Kimura, Tokio Emoto This work was written by himself based on the boxing that Yoshida himself has been doing for over 30 years. It is a youth movie that depicts the passionate life of challengers who make efforts even if success is not promised. Matsuyama, who plays Urita, the main character who has passion but is not talented and cannot win the game, was asked about his feelings that were released safely. I feel relieved, and when Fumino-chan said (to the audience who finished watching), “How was it?”, He applauded me, so I’m happy now. ” Kimura, who played Urita’s first love and Chika, who is now the fiancée of Ogawa who appears in the east, said, “I felt that the stage greeting after the screening on the first day (the second day of the release) was unusual, so I saw it for the first time. I’m overwhelmed by the fun of being able to talk to the people who have been exposed to it. ” When asked if he had a strong desire for the boxing scene, Matsuyama recalled, “I was just thinking that I shouldn’t pull my legs because both Higashide and Tokio are the ones who do it.” It was a tough shoot for the scene, but everyone was enthusiastic, and did Higashide look at his body in front of the mirror at home every day? ” “No, no (laughs). That’s just what the director said in an interview,” he denied. Higashide continued, “When I went to the gym to make a role, there was a person who was doing shadows while watching a professional game in one corner, and when I thought that the boxer was coming to professional training, Matsuyama (Laughs) I was surprised to think that I was already a resident of the gym, “he confessed the episode. On the other hand, when it comes to boxing, Kimura said that he was out of the mosquito net. “One day, everyone was talking very happily, and when I listened,” I like that step of him, “” How are you losing weight? “” Vantage “Which one is better?” Was spoken with a lot of fun, and I was wondering if these people were actors (laughs). ” In addition, Chika, who plays Kimura, seems to have an impressive scene in which Urita, who plays Matsuyama, winds a vantage. I was just thinking not to make a mistake, but in fact, when I was doing it with two people, I was conscious of the camera, but only at that moment I really became a world of two people. It’s not that it’s odious at all, but I feel like they were both naked, “he said, and when he laughed from the venue, he said,” Look (laughs). That’s it. I don’t have it. It was a moment when I took off what I was wearing and all the obstacles disappeared, and I personally felt joy, “explained desperately. Kimura agreed with this, “I think I was naked (laughs)”, and when Kimura himself pursued what kind of feelings he had, “I felt like Kimura was flirting from now on (laughs). It was like that, “he said with a shy smile.