[Mr. Michihiro Ikemizu, who played the Moonlight Mask and the eel dog]The voice actor whose birthday is April 11th.

Today April 11th is “Guts Pose Day”. On this day in 1974, Guts Ishimatsu won the championship in the boxing WBC lightweight title match. At that time, it seems that it was established after the newspaper reporter described the appearance of raising both hands to express joy as “guts pose”. Today is also the day when Misuzu Kaneko, a nursery rhyme poet who produced many masterpieces such as “Me and Kotori to Suzu”, “Big Fishing”, and “Kodama Seka”, was born.

These are the voice actors who were born on April 11th.

・ Momoko Taneichi
・ Saya Horigome
・ Michihiro Ikemizu
・ Kazuya Ichijo
・ Masanori Takeda
・ Shin Mori
・ Katsumi Watanabe

Ikemizu who played Moonlight Mask in the anime “Moonlight Mask”, Isao Ohta in “Mobile Police Patlabor”, and Kinnikuman Super Phoenix in “Kinnikuman Kinnikusei Throne Contest”. Ms. Michihiro, Aobee / Ushi / Makoto Tamura in the anime “Ojarumaru”, Zafira in “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha”, and Kazuya Ichijo who played the role of Otetsu Osawaki in “Everytime! Urayasu Reinforced Family”. Has celebrated his birthday.

Congratulations to all of you on your birthday today. I wish you a good year ♪