Automatic calculation of construction and utilization of business buildings in the cloud-Yamashita PMC launches “BEA Map”

Yamashita PMC, a construction consultant, has developed a cloud service “BEAMap” that can automatically perform various verifications related to the construction of commercial buildings by linking the automatic scale calculation of buildings and the corresponding real estate business balance, and in April. The service will start on the 12th. BEAMap is necessary when considering the construction of a business building for land utilization, “calculating the building scale that meets the building law regulations at the planned site (volume examination)”, “understanding the surrounding rent market price”, and “creating a business balance plan”. Complex verification that requires specialized knowledge can be automatically calculated with a certain degree of accuracy on the cloud. Yamashita PMC is the first company in Japan to specialize in PM (project management) and CM (construction management), and manages construction projects. He has participated in projects such as the new Yokohama City Hall and Yokohama Stadium, the Mori Building Digital Art Museum, the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s exclusive department in the Marunouchi Double Bridge Building, and the Juntendo University New Research Building. The total project cost of the ongoing project will reach more than 3 trillion yen. On April 1st, the cloud platform “b-platform” for facility management was also launched, and this “BEAMap” will be the second cloud service.

Mr. Masayuki Kinoshita, Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer of Yamashita PMC Mr. Masayuki Kinoshita, Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, said, “The building volume and business balance plan that will be the basis for considering building plans and real estate investment will be created immediately. Can focus on the work that should be able to demonstrate its abilities. 90% of the work can be automated when completing 70% complete materials. The first step to provide innovative innovation in the construction and real estate industries. ” Positioned as. In addition to architectural expertise, various expertise such as real estate and finance is required when making effective use of land and considering the construction of commercial buildings. However, because experts are dispersed in each field, it takes a lot of effort in the initial examination, and there are some cases where timely investment decisions are missed. Furthermore, there is a problem that there is a shortage of specialized human resources in the fields of construction, real estate, and finance.

Hidehito Kawahara, President and CEO of Yamashita PMC Hidehito Kawahara, President and CEO of Yamashita PMC, said, “We have spent three years developing BEAMap. We can dramatically lower the hurdles involved in land purchase and construction decision-making. We provide a service that calculates the building scale, grasps the rent market price in the surrounding area, and instantly creates a business balance plan at a low price. Even professionals can easily get rid of troublesome work and secure the door to construction projects. It can be lowered. ” Specifically, by adopting building pivot technology, it is possible to verify complex building law regulations such as shade restrictions and diagonal line restrictions even on the cloud, and by utilizing the know-how of Yamashita PMC, rental rooms can be rented. It is equipped with an automatic area calculation function and an editing function that meets the needs of specialists. Even non-architects can easily calculate the volume of a building. In addition, it will be possible to narrow down the rent market based on various conditions such as specifying the range by distance, use, and completion time. Furthermore, even if you are not an expert, you can create a business balance plan by simply entering conditions. In addition to being able to conduct examinations using standard numerical values, by setting the vacancy rate and rent increase / decrease independently, it is possible to make highly accurate examinations that meet the needs of specialists.

Condition input screen in “BEAMap” BEAMap does not need to be installed on the terminal, and the operation can be input according to the guidance. By searching the target site for planning on a map and tracing the site shape, the approximate site area can be grasped. After inputting the boundary line conditions and road width, if the information on the restricted area, which is the premise of the building conditions, is imported from the database of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the conditions such as the Building Standard Law will be automatically reflected. It is also equipped with a condition input function required for use by specialists. After entering the conditions, you can visually check the building while rotating it 360 degrees by displaying the buildable volume from the 3D start-up button. Next, an area table is automatically created based on the constructable volume. Here, you can enter the parking lot regulations and the floor height of each floor, which are the basis for the required number of parking spaces.

Output image in “BEA Map” In addition, search the rent market to create a business income and expenditure plan. You can narrow down the search range by distance, or by application or year of completion. Select a similar building from the displayed rent list, calculate the average rent, and enter the conditions of the business balance plan. Since it can be used with simple operations, architects can use BEAMap to provide a one-stop service from grasping the rent market price to creating a business balance plan, in addition to providing a service only for examining the building scale by verifying building laws and regulations. become. Similarly, real estate and financial companies will be able to offer high value-added services. Building, real estate, and financial companies can increase service value to clients considering investment and commercial buildings, enable mutual understanding between the construction industry and the real estate industry, solve information gap issues and produce. It is possible to improve productivity. Target users include not only designers and real estate companies, but also financial companies such as trust banks, banks, and real estate investment management companies, building owners and land owners, and general users who are interested in construction real estate. It is said that it can handle land and buildings of various sizes. Within the next three years, we expect to use 1000 to 2000 accounts and aim for annual sales of 150 to 300 million yen. Mr. Kinoshita said, “BEAMap will give professionals freedom from work,” “WIN-WIN for the design and real estate industries,” “make the city lively with appropriate investment,” and “enjoy construction for everyone.” I want to achieve these four visions. While the work of professionals who are busy with confirmation work that wears down nerves such as observing the laws and regulations to be observed such as the Building Standards Law, the Fire Service Law, and various regulations is eliminated, the profits that the real estate industry emphasizes Eliminate the gap between the design and construction industry’s problem of not understanding the concept of sex and investment and the real estate industry’s difficulty in communicating the ingenuity and efforts of designers. It also gives people other than construction experts an opportunity to get involved in construction. ” The company has about 200 employees, of which more than 120 are qualified as first-class architects. Recently, it also attracted attention by accepting 12 seconded employees from ANA Airport Service. At this press conference, the seconded employee will be in charge of the BEAMap demonstration. It has been only two weeks since he was seconded from ANA using BEAMap, and even people who have no knowledge of architecture were able to create materials at the same level as those who are qualified as architects.