Enako opens a personal YouTube channel and has already exceeded 60,000 subscribers[Video]

Cosplayer Enako updated Instagram on the 11th (Sun). Reported that it has opened a personal YouTube channel.

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Enako, an immovable popular cosplayer with more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram. In April 2020, he was appointed by the Cabinet Office as a “Cool Japan Ambassador” to disseminate the charm of Japan to the world, and he is active as a cosplayer representing Japan in both name and reality.

Enako said on the 11th (Sun), “What !! I started the YouTube channel. I’m so happy because I dreamed of having my own channel. The part that you didn’t know about behind the scenes of work and private things. I will send out what I like, such as game distribution and make-up videos. Please subscribe to the channel. ” Reported the opening of a personal YouTube channel.

The number of registrants has already exceeded 60,000, which shows the popularity of Enako. Even in the comment section of the first video, there are voices such as “How long have you been waiting for!”, “Enakorin who is moving and talking is also the cutest”, “I flew all the unpleasant things”.

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