Enako x “BEASTARS” collaboration photo book, “Insulting Black Rabbit” cover with beautiful body has been unveiled[3 photos]

A special collaboration photo book “Enako x BEASTARS Wild Kick” (Akita Shoten) with cosplayer Enako and the manga “BEASTARS” (Paru Itagaki) will be released on May 31st (Monday). This time, the cover page has been released.

[Photo]Enako x “BEASTARS” collaboration, bold sexy animal cosplay precedent cut[3 points]

“BEASTARS” is a super popular manga that has swept numerous manga awards, including the 2018 Manga Awards. Set in a world where various animals such as anthropomorphic carnivores and herbivores coexist, this is an animal version of a youth ensemble drama depicting the school life of animals attending the boarding school “Cherryton Gakuen”.

This collaborative cosplay photo book is based on the motif of the herbivorous beast’s erotic book “Wild Kick” that appears in the film, and the idea of ​​”Wild Kick” is also a carnivorous beast version. Based on this, it is a “Wild Kick” that is more radically powered up than during the production.

The insulting black rabbit, which is also used on the cover, is packed with “enako” that you have never seen before, such as a wet rabbit, a sexy purple wolf, and a SM leopard that catch any desire with a small body and long ears. One book has been completed.

Enako said, “I was surprised when I heard the story because it was a work I loved so much that I answered” BEASTARS “when asked about the recommended manga …! It’s a story about animal society, so I’m worried about how to drop me as a human being. However, I tried to make the makeup and wig more eccentric than usual. “

An online autograph session will be held on Saturday, June 5th. Enako will appear in a photobook costume.

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