Fujitsu and Siemens collaborate to strengthen global competitiveness of manufacturing industry and accelerate DX

Fujitsu has agreed to collaborate with Siemens Digital Industries Software to strengthen its global competitiveness in the manufacturing industry and the digital transformation (DX) field. Through this collaboration, Fujitsu will resell the portfolio “Xcelerator” including Siemens’ product lifecycle management system “Teamcenter” and manufacturing operation management system “Opcenter” to the Japanese market. In addition, it will be provided in combination with Fujitsu’s manufacturing solution and service “COLMINA”. In addition, Fujitsu will seamlessly connect design and manufacturing manufacturing information to develop a 3D-BOP function with Siemens technical support that will shorten the time to market and improve productivity and quality. 3D-BOP is a function that manages shape data by linking it with design information, assembly information, manufacturing record information, etc., and will be provided for the Japanese market from July. After that, based on the achievements in Japan, we plan to strengthen the global provision and maintenance system and gradually expand the service provision to Europe, North America, and Asia from April 2022. The two companies have established global bases based on the introduction results of cyber-physical systems that reproduce the know-how and manufacturing in the manufacturing industry that Fujitsu has cultivated so far in the cyber space, and Siemens’ solutions for the manufacturing industry that are widely used globally. And seamlessly link manufacturing information that is managed individually in each process. This will enable speedy response to market changes, and will support efforts to strengthen the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, accelerate DX, and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).