Fumika Baba, Mizuki Inoue Seeing the talent of “Chiki” “Why don’t you aim for the Olympics?” “DIVE !!”

HiHi Jets A drama holic starring Mizuki Inoue, Yuto Takahashi, and Ryuto Sakuma! “DIVE !!” (TV Tokyo series, every Wednesday from 24:00) will start on April 14th.

The drama is based on “DIVE !!” by Naoki Prize-winning writer Eto Mori, which is based on the theme of swimming diving competition. A refreshing youth story. Inoue plays Tomoki Sakai, who is weak and tends to be swept away, but when a talented coach begins to see his talent, he suddenly aims for the Olympics. Sakuma plays the Olympic athlete, a genius who has been educated as a diving genius and has always aimed to win. Takahashi plays a lone wolf, Okizu, who has been diving alone in the sea of ​​Tsugaru while having a certain feeling.

Swimming and diving competing for the beauty and accuracy of aerial performance in just 1.4 seconds from a height of 10m to a speed of 60km / h. Tomoki Sakai (Inoue), a high school student who belongs to the Mizuki Diving Club (commonly known as MDC), had doubts about the days of practicing every day.

On the other hand, Yoichi Fujitani (Sakuma) was aiming to participate in the Olympics with two generations of parents and children. In the sea of ​​Tsugaru, a young man (Takahashi) is seen on a cliff.

One day during practice, a new coach, Natsuyoko Asagi (Fumika Baba), comes to MDC. After seeing Chiki’s diving, Natsuyoko sees Chiki’s talent and asks, “Why don’t you aim for the Olympics together?”