Takako Matsu’s “Soyoda Towako” theme song rap performance! Okada, Tsunoda, Matsuda also participate in the chorus

Takako Matsu, Masaki Okada, Akihiro Kakuta, and Ryuhei Matsuda, who appear in the Kansai Fuji TV drama “Towako Soyoda and the Three Ex-husbands” (every Tuesday from 21:00), sing the theme song of the drama. It turned out that there was. The theme song released on the first broadcast of the drama on the 13th is the new song “Presence I (feat. KID FRESINO)” by “STUTS & Takako Matsu with 3exes”. STUTS, a track maker / MPC Player, is in charge of track production and music production. With KID FRESINO as the feature, the main vocal is Matsu, and Okada, Tsunoda, and Matsuda who call themselves 3exes (= 3 ex-husbands) are participating in the chorus. The melody and lyrics of the song are produced by singer / songwriter butaji and STUTS. Not only the song, but also the pine rap part recorded by KID FRESINO’s lyric & direction. Then, along with the theme song, the ending video directed by Yudai Maruyama and Yohei Haga was also broadcast. Not only actors but also STUTS and KID FRESINO will appear. In fact, the two also made cameo appearances in the main drama of the first episode. Matsu said, “I’m very proud to be able to make the theme song and ending video of the drama with STUTS and the talented people who gather with him. To everyone who watched the drama, every week I hope you’ll enjoy it. Don’t miss it! ” Producer Ayumi Sano of Kantere said, “When I started to launch the drama, I had to talk to someone who is familiar with this after talking with Yuji Sakamoto, who wrote the script,” How about rap with Matsu-san as the theme song? ” This project started after consulting with Kentaro Fujii (directed by TBS “Downtown on Wednesday”), who was a senior in the previous job. Wonderful people participated under the director of the project, STUTS. A wonderful theme song has been completed. A part of Yuji Sakamoto’s wonderful drama accompaniment has also been sampled. It’s a dreamlike project. Please look forward to the second and subsequent episodes! ” I’m talking.