Fujitsu et al. Provide digital learning content of Kanji Kentei Association–Compatible with “GIGA School Concept”

Fujitsu and Fujitsu Japan have started to provide digital learning contents of the Kanji Kentei Association corresponding to the “GIGA School Concept”. The content will be provided through the drill system “FUJITSU Educational Solution K-12 Individual Learning Support V1 Pen Maru” (Pen Maru) for elementary, junior high and high schools. In Penmar, the learner answers the questions given on the tablet terminal by hand and automatically scores the contents. Until now, it was only compatible with tablet devices equipped with Windows OS, but from April it can also be used with tablet devices equipped with iOS and Chrome.

Image of the contents to be installed (Source: Fujitsu, Fujitsu Japan) Pen Maru can handle detailed expressions peculiar to kanji such as stop and splash by using handwritten character scoring technology. Teachers can refer to all the answer data of children / students accumulated in the system from a dedicated screen, and can grasp the progress status and understanding level of each person’s learning and the degree of retention of learning in real time and utilize it for teaching. Fujitsu Japan will consider expanding learning content with the Kanji Kentei Association in the future.