Mayuko Kawakita, her husband’s face is “just right to look blurry”[with video]

Mayuko Kawakita, an actress and talent, attended the “ICL Treatment Ambassador Inauguration & WebCM Presentation” held in Tokyo on the 14th. Mayuko Hebei, who attended the “ICL Treatment Ambassador Inauguration & WebCM Presentation” Star Surgical, an ophthalmic medical device company headquartered in the United States, was the first in Japan to obtain regulatory approval for ICL (intraocular contact lens) in refractive surgery. Also offers new treatments. Along with that, a Web CM introducing the new treatment was distributed from this day, and Mayuko Kawakita is appearing in the CM. Hebei, who appeared in the two commercials “Breaking up” and “Effort”, showed confidence, “I think it was good because I felt that I was alive because of the treatment,” and after the treatment. It is said that the “effort” edition of exercising and cooking is close to the basics, and “I recommend it because it feels close to me.” It is said that he started wearing glasses when he was in elementary school and decided to use contact lenses when he applied for the “9th All Japan National Bishoujo Contest”, which triggered him to enter the entertainment world. He was treated and his eyesight returned. “I couldn’t live without glasses and contact lenses from the moment I got up from bed to do anything. I was so bad that I couldn’t live at home or outside,” he said before the treatment. After the surgery, he said, “I was happy to have this feeling for the first time. It was like a dream. I am impressed because I can see my face without contact.” Hebei announced his marriage in January this year. “I’m glad that I can see (my husband’s face) without contact, but isn’t it just right to look blurry? (Laughs)” Now I can date. (Before I got married) I was sloppy and I got caught (laughs). ” He also mentioned that Hiroiki Ariyoshi, who co-starred in the program, married Miku Natsume. “I’m very happy and I hope you’re a nice couple,” he congratulated. Furthermore, when I asked Ariyoshi and others for advice as a married senior, he refused, “I’m afraid,” but “I’m happy now, so I’m thinking of trying hard together without forgetting that feeling. I will. ”