NEC Develops AI Chatbot in Collaboration with Mina Portal-Open to Over-20 Local Public Organizations

NEC has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot linked with the minor portal and released it to local governments free of charge from February 26th to March 20th. This time, based on the feedback obtained from more than 20 organizations, NEC has developed an AI chatbot that automatically responds to the answers tailored to the residents in cooperation with the minor portal as an additional function of “NEC automatic response”. We are planning to make it. In recent years, the use of chatbots has been attracting attention in order to reduce the workload of local governments. However, conventional chatbots that do not refer to the self-information of residents can only return general answers, and the range of inquiries that can be automatically answered is limited. In the AI ​​chatbot developed by NEC this time, in cooperation with the minor portal, for example, when residents inquire about the system such as residence tax and hometown tax payment, the AI ​​chatbot cooperates with the minor portal to earn income and households. Refer to the residents’ self-information such as information. Then, it generates a personalized answer according to the situation of the inhabitants and responds in real time. At this time, the self-information acquired by linking with the minor portal is deleted after the answer is generated. These features will allow residents to get the right answers to their questions online without having to visit the agency. Furthermore, according to the feedback from the local public organizations used this time, it is expected that the work time for verifying the identity of residents and referring to personal information can be reduced by about 20% in the inquiry response work at the counter. It is said that there is.