Providing services that provide one-on-one guidance on NEC Solution Innovators and RPA development know-how

NEC Solution Innovators has started offering “NEC Tutor Service for RPA”. The service teaches one-on-one practical know-how in RPA (robotic process automation) development. The price excluding tax starts from 50,000 yen per month. When learning software robot development technology through collective training, it is difficult for the students to fully understand the content because it is difficult to proceed according to the degree of individual understanding. Therefore, the company has come to provide the NEC Tutor Service for RPA, which teaches individually according to the individual level and the RPA to be developed, making use of the development results of more than 1200 RPAs and the knowledge gained there. Guidance is based on the RPA used by the client company in the actual business. In addition to learning the technology, you can create RPA that is useful for your work. Experts at each of the company’s domestic bases will support the strengthening of practical skills by providing one-on-one guidance to students focusing on the necessary points. In order to make it easy to secure the attendance time, we will implement it for 2 hours each time and provide a plan according to the number of times of implementation 1 to 3 times a week. The service can be provided either in a remote format or in a face-to-face visit to a client company. The company aims to provide it to 100 companies annually.