Hitachi Solutions Create In-house Demonstration of In-house Developed Virtual Office

Hitachi Solutions Create announced on April 14 that it will develop a “360-degree panoramic view” and a “workboard” as virtual offices and conduct in-house demonstration experiments. For both services, the internal standard communication tool “Microsoft Teams” will be used. The implementation period is from May 10th to July 2nd. While promoting work style reforms, the purpose is to solve the problems of working from home that were found in surveys of employees. In the demonstration experiment, the usefulness of this measure and tool will be verified for about 400 people (sales / system engineer / staff department), which is about 10% of the employees. Based on the results, we aim to improve the happiness of employees by introducing it company-wide and realizing new work styles. An analysis of the responses from the “Employee Survey for New Work Styles” conducted by Hitachi Solutions Create in November 2020 revealed that “commuting / travel time (which was lost due to working from home) can be effectively used” and “business”. While there are positive aspects such as “you can concentrate on” and “you can immediately gather members online”, there are also negative aspects such as “it feels difficult to communicate” and “it is difficult to get a sharp impression between public and private”. Therefore, the company has developed a virtual office in order to improve the negative side while maintaining the positive effect. The 360-degree panoramic view recreates the feeling of working with other employees in your office. Users can move around the office on the PC screen, click the icon on the other party’s face, and Teams will start, allowing them to easily chat and make calls. The workboard allows users to check the information they need on a single screen and start the system quickly by aggregating the status of each employee and the systems that are frequently used. 360-degree panoramic view and workboard screen image (Source: Hitachi Solutions Create)

* Click to see an enlarged image In this demonstration, we will verify “pursuing the advantages of online and achieving sharpness between public and private” and “improving communication”. The 360-degree panoramic view gives you the feeling of going to the office or working there while you are at home, and is expected to help you switch between work and private life. In addition, it feels like working in the same space as other employees, enabling communication similar to face-to-face conversation. Workboards will reduce the time and effort required to operate the system and promote its use. In addition, Teams and “Outlook” aim to allow users to talk without hesitation by making it possible to see at a glance the status of employees such as “in conversation”, “in a meeting”, and “while away from the desk”.