Oracle announces low-code personnel flow function “Oracle Journeys”

On April 12, Oracle announced “Oracle Journeys” as the latest feature of the human resources management cloud service “Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM)” that allows HR personnel to build digital workflows for employees .. It is positioned to enhance the employee experience. Oracle Journeys is a platform that allows HR personnel to create and provide flows for HR-related operations. It consists of three parts: “Journey LaunchPad” for employees, “Journey Creator” and “Journey Booster” for HR. LaunchPad will be a place where employees can access all “Journeys”, including those assigned by their boss and those recommended by artificial intelligence (AI). For example, Journey, who is a manager when he is promoted to a managerial position, and Journey, who shows the steps to go to work in Corona. Creator allows HR professionals to create, modify, and assign Journeys. Booster works with external systems.

Emily He, Senior Vice President of Oracle Cloud HCM We spoke with Emily He, Senior Vice President of Oracle Cloud HCM, about employee experience and HR challenges, with a focus on Oracle Journeys. –What is the background to launching Oracle Journeys? The employee experience is a big difference when an employee joins a company. Oracle has been working to enhance the user experience in terms of supporting the employee experience, and Oracle Journeys will evolve its efforts. Procedures such as life events such as marriage and childbirth, development of specialized skills, and taking paid leave are not always smooth. On the other hand, employees routinely use useful tools such as smartphones that can do various things with one terminal, and expect the same from HR. In addition, the past year has been a turbulent year for human resources. As the epidemic of coronavirus infections worsened, companies had to implement processes to ensure the safety and health of their employees, and as relevant rules changed, they had to adapt. There is also an increasing need to equip facilities for working from home and improve skills while working from home. There are also questions about mental health. All of these must be addressed. Currently, vaccination is starting and there are movements to return to the office. Again, a process for that must be introduced. All of this is backend work. Oracle Journeys can do this smoothly. With Creator and Booster, HR can launch a new employee experience without relying on IT.

Journey LaunchPad Screen for Employees –What are the elements of the employee experience other than digital workflow? I spent a few years making Oracle Journeys mobile friendly. Digital assistants are also a big factor in the user interface. It is a function that allows you to operate the system as if you were having a conversation. For example, if you enter “married”, the next thing to do is displayed. You don’t have to log on to the system.

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