Rihito Itagaki “Zhou” makes his debut in the entertainment world !? Ai Yoshikawa “Kazuko” gets excited …

Ai Yoshikawa and Rihito Itagaki starring W in Mokudora F “Karaflable-loved by genderless boys. ~ ”(Yomiuri TV / NTV, every Thursday from 23:59) will be broadcast on April 15th.

In this drama, Kazuko (Wako / Yoshikawa), a new manga editor who tends to cut corners because she works so hard, and Zhou (Meguru / Itagaki), a young man who has perfect make-up and fashion and is mistaken for a woman ) Cute love story. The two, who will both star in the drama series for the first time, will accept each other as they are and dress as the ideal couple of the new era, where they will grow together. In addition, a drama original story by cast members full of individuality such as talented actors Miki Mizuno and Renn Kiriyama will be developed, and a colorful love group image drama will be drawn.

In the previous broadcast, a story about menstruation, which was rarely dealt with in previous dramas, unfolded. In the appearance that Zhou supports Kazuko’s pain, “Zhou-kun is not only cute, but it is wonderful to act to understand the person you like.” “It’s a new drama that shows the flow of the present era.” “I think I’ve never seen menstruation so far in the drama!” “It’s really clumsy.” Comments such as “Kira-sama x Asahi-san, who is too cute and too funny” and “Kira-sama’s destructive power is amazing. It’s hard to find a drama that laughs out loud like this.”

Kazuko (Yoshikawa) and Zhou (Itagaki) witness a dialogue between Kira (Kiriyama) and the talent Yutan (Takato Nagata). Yutan, who became popular for her cute fashion and mysterious characters, appeared on a children’s program as a singing brother. Yutan says, “Is the world colorful? Rabbits and elephants are all different Maroo !!” Zhou also sympathizes with Yutan’s appearance.

After the conversation, Zhou is scouted by Kira’s manager Takabayashi. Takabayashi has long been aware of Zhou’s beauty and invited him to the entertainment world. Kazuko is very excited, but Zhou is not very enthusiastic.

Kira’s guest appearance has been decided on the children’s program in which Yutan is appearing, and Kazuko and Asahi (Mizuno) go to cover the recording. Kira, who doesn’t know how to handle children, makes them cry, and the scene is confused. The children are in a bad mood and the recording stops. As the staff goes back and forth, Zhou comforts and calms the children. Zhou, who was pleased by the director who was watching the situation, decided to appear on the program instead of Kira. Kazuko was excited again when she saw Zhou wearing a cute costume.

Zhou grabbed the child’s heart and the recording went smoothly. Yutan burned jealousy in such a situation …