When is the general election to dissolve the House of Representatives? –Prime Minister Suga to the first Japan-US summit meeting

This article is a reprint from “Toushiru” provided by Rakuten Securities, “Understanding in TOP 3 Minutes! Today’s Investment Strategy”. Today’s point 16th Japan-US summit meeting in Washington Re-expansion of infection reduces the possibility of dissolution in April Dissolution general election can be held in the summer when it overlaps with the Olympics, which cannot be said to have gained public confidence unless it wins the dissolution general election If there is no dissolution after September, there is a possibility that it will be after the presidential election. Regarding these five points, I would like to introduce the views of Mr. Masayuki Kubota, Chief Strategist of Rakuten Securities Economic Research Institute. US-Japan Summit Meeting in Washington on the 16th Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will visit the United States on the 15th to 18th, and will meet with US President Joe Biden in Washington on the 16th. It can be said that Japan was selected for the first “face-to-face” summit meeting under the Biden administration. The intensifying conflict between the United States and China is inevitable, and the importance of strengthening relations with Japan for the Biden administration is thought to be the reason for bringing the face-to-face talks with Japan first. Prior to this, a meeting was held by top US-China diplomacy in Alaska on March 18. It was the first face-to-face high-level talks under the Biden administration, but it was an unusual development that was a fierce exchange of criticism from the beginning. The Biden administration, which emphasizes international cooperation, was expected to rebuild US-China relations, but the impression that it would be difficult for the Biden administration to alleviate the US-China conflict became stronger. Under such circumstances, this is the Japan-US summit meeting. The results are attracting attention not only in both countries but also internationally. Although there are various concerns between Japan and the United States, it is thought that it will be a place to confirm the strong cooperation between Japan and the United States without entering into concrete policy discussions. It’s a sunny stage for Prime Minister Suga.