Yuriyan Retriever shows off her cool blonde dream “I want to be a” one person circus “”

Comedian Yuriyan Retriever will appear in the WEB promotion movies “Yuriyan Golden Retriever” and “This is what you read” of got2b “Bonding Bleach” to be released on the 15th. From the “Bonding Bleach” WEB promotion movie Yuriyan Retriever In the “Yuriyan Golden Retriever” edition, Yuriyan who breaks through the black hair poster and transforms into fluttering blonde hair appears. He released a line saying “I got tired of black hair and bleached with bonding” and expressed “new self” with cool expressions and movements. The “What’s this reading” edition is a comical movie in which you can’t read “got2b” even though you start self-bleaching in the room, and “What do you read!” And “The clerk doesn’t even know!” .. When asked what he thought after shooting, he said, “It will be a long time to talk, but it was fun! It’s short! (Laughs)”, while showing Yuriyan retriever, “‘Newly reborn!'” That’s why I’m happy! Somehow, I had the impression that I only do black, and I had a preconceived idea on my own, but I felt that it would be nice to dye it unexpectedly. ” Change of mind. Last year, a big weight loss on a diet became a hot topic, but he laughed, “Even if I succeeded, I’m still thicker than this person (woman in the product package) (laughs)”, and about the motivation to continue trying various things. “The driving force is the desire to become a’one-person circus’. I have a longing to be able to do anything with one body on the spot, so the desire to embody that is the driving force,” he said. talk. Also, what I want to change is “I want to stop the character of correcting only the visible part. Even in the house, when customers come, I feel like I’ve cleaned it, but after all I’m a person who just pushed everything into the closet That’s what it is (laughs). I think that kind of part also appears in humanity, so I’d like to fix it. ”