Cloud utilization for DX promotion-What are the essential points for AWS utilization that can be seen from many construction and operation results? ~

In the Wiz Corona era, more companies are focusing on DX investment than ever before. One of the investments is cloud computing of IT infrastructure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the first option to come up. However, there will still be concerns about whether a secure foundation can be built or whether it can be developed and operated in-house. Introducing AWS utilization that accelerates DX based on TIS’s abundant experience of leading the utilization of AWS from the dawn of the cloud and actively utilizing AWS in its own services. Efforts to utilize the cloud to promote DX accelerated by the corona sickness The spread of the new coronavirus infection has brought about dramatic changes in corporate management activities and lifestyles. In order to secure social distance, various businesses that were established by meeting with people in the past are no longer established, and telework and services are accelerating online. Many companies will focus more on DX promotion than ever with the aim of transforming business models and expanding new businesses using IT. It is no exaggeration to say that the transition from on-premises to the cloud is the fastest way to realize DX in the Wiz Corona era in order to quickly respond to such drastic changes in market needs such as the promotion of DX. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the first option to come up. It is now necessary to utilize the cloud, such as the migration of corporate systems, a secure platform that can support any business even in remote areas, and the rapid provision of services by CI / CD (continuous integration / continuous delivery) that incorporates “DevSecOps”. It has become indispensable. Although know-how and integration are required to make the best use of AWS, even if you move to AWS in the existing on-premises environment, there are many cases where it does not meet the service requirements and customer requirements, so it is optimized for AWS. Needs to be redesigned to the new architecture. For example, in recent years, the movement to move core systems equipped with large-scale databases such as Oracle RAC to the cloud is accelerating, but if you want to reduce the operational load of DB, you can consider using managed services Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS. Be done. To use these services, it is necessary to redesign and build them after understanding the service characteristics. In addition, in the system infrastructure of operating companies that provide FinTech such as credit card payments, AWS is designed in compliance with strict security guidelines such as FISC (Financial Information System Center) security measures standards and PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards). Preparation of construction and operation system is indispensable. It will be extremely difficult for the company’s information system department alone to establish a production operation system that meets the strict security requirements of the financial industry. In addition, the AWS cloud does not guarantee clear performance requirements like on-premises. Understanding the ever-changing performance requirements of the cloud is also an essential element in design, development, and operation. Since each company has different existing system scale, configuration, and service requirements, it is necessary to have know-how backed by various experiences in order to prevent troubles and develop and operate on AWS.Continue PDF download