Keiko Kitagawa & Eita Nagayama “Rikokatsu” P & writer’s thoughts on drawing divorce positively with “couple”

The TBS Friday drama “Rikokatsu” (every Friday from 22:00), in which actress Keiko Kitagawa and actor Eita Nagayama play the role of a married couple, will start today. This work is a story about a couple who “married on 0 days of dating” decided to divorce as soon as they got married and started “activities for divorce = Rikokatsu”. What is the message contained in this work, which depicts the relationship between men and women from an unprecedented perspective? We spoke with producer Hiroki Ueda and screenwriter Yoko Izumisawa. Saki Mizuguchi (Kitakawa), an excellent editor of the scene photo fashion magazine of the first episode of the TBS Friday drama “Rikokatsu”, is fateful with Koichi Ohara (Nagayama), an ace member of the Air Rescue Wing organized by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. A speedy marriage in 0 days of dating triggered by a wonderful encounter. Bohemian Saki, who grew up in a modern and free family, and Koichi, who grew up in a strict SDF family, disagree with each other due to differences in lifestyle and values ​​required for marriage. To Genka. Despite the early marriage, he decided to divorce and started Rikokatsu. There is a negative image that divorce is a family collapse, but this work is a strange adult love story where true love begins with divorce. There is also a message that divorce is not just negative. It seems that producer Ueda came up with this story from his own experience, saying, “About three years ago, I had a family story like” I wonder if we have a divorce. ” When I saw the news that a married person had divorced, I thought about a love story that started with divorce. ” There is also a divorce. It’s a very embarrassing story, but my own actual experience is the beginning of the project. ” “I want to depict the changes in human relationships and marital relationships that occur as the sense of distance changes,” he said. Mr. Ueda also said, “I think that marriage is a piece of paper, a momentum, and it feels like you have overcome one break, but what I want to draw in this drama is that it is quite trivial. Isn’t it? ” In the play, after deciding to divorce, I tried to list 100 points of dissatisfaction with each other, but I did not get dissatisfied as much as I thought, and when I thought about it, I heard that there was a scene where I realized that it was all. Then, the true love of the couple may return because they got divorced. I feel that such a story is likely to be born. ” He added, “Mr. Izumisawa has created a love story that goes beyond that, such as being unhappy because you got divorced or being happy because you are getting married.” It’s not about how the country decides, but it’s good if the two people have a comfortable relationship. I want to make such a drama. ” According to the scriptwriter, Mr. Izumisawa, divorce is a familiar theme for many people, and that is why he feels the significance of drawing in a drama. “It is said that Mr. Ueda’s family also talked about divorce, but it is said that one out of every three groups will be divorced in Japan, so I wonder if it is very familiar. Every time I get into a fight, I often think that I’m going to get divorced, so I don’t think there are any couples who have never thought about divorce, including those things. I thought it could be a funny drama. ” He also said, “Marriage and divorce are systems that humans have come up with to make it easier for them to lead a social life, but some people find it difficult to live with that system. I think it is also the case to postpone marriage. I would like to bring such people together and bring in various people, and I hope to draw interestingly in the drama the feelings that sway with the system. ” (C) TBS