Yuki Sakurai, an actress who breaks new ground, has a turning point in her late 20s, “I lost my shoulder strength.”

Yuki Sakurai, an actress with a cool and intellectual appearance. In Paravi’s original story “Rico High !!”, she challenged a slightly naughty and crazy erotic love story. We are approaching the recent changes in Sakurai, who himself said, “It’s a new challenge.” Yuki Sakurai Yuki Sakurai, played by Yuki Sakurai, is a 34-year-old full-time housewife who is diligent, has a strong sense of chastity, and lives diligently. However, one day, suddenly, her husband’s affair was discovered, and her husband filed a divorce notice and lost communication. Nozomi, who has fallen into “divorce high”, rushes into a cohabitation life with her husband’s cheating partner’s boyfriend for some reason and begins to live a life that has been blown away. Nozomi who shows a lot of high tension in the play. In addition, a rich love scene with a younger handsome man, Kenta, played by Mario Kuroba is also drawn. Sakurai said that he was confused when he read the script, saying, “Since there have been a lot of crazy works so far, I would love to love with a younger man …”. Looking at the works that Sakurai has performed so far, I get the impression that he often plays an intelligent, cool, and slightly shadowy role. He also said, “Since there were many roles that kept me from feeling emotions rather than expressing emotions, the emotional expression of looking into the other person’s eyes and firmly communicating all my intentions was fresh. I wonder if it is. ” Ten years ago, in 2011, Sakurai started her career as a stage actress. “At that time, I started from a role that wasn’t something that could be called a role in the first place,” recalls the time of his debut. From there, when expanding activities in the world of video such as movies and dramas, the cast of the public image as mentioned above said that in his twenties, “the role was cool, or the role that did not express much emotions continued.” It was said that there were many. Sakurai himself faced the work positively, saying, “I was grateful that I saw my play and thought that such a role was suitable for casting.” Under such circumstances, it is said that the roles offered gradually have changed from several years ago. “I was very impressed with the drama that starred in NHK (” That’s why I recommended it “). I played a pretty playful role, but from the time I appeared in this work , I often play characters that express emotions, which is the opposite of what I used to do. ”