Hitoshi Matsumoto is also afraid! The reason why the uncle looks for “Kuro” at night is “warm” and “relieved”

“Detective! Night Scoop” (ABC TV, every Friday from 23:17 onwards * Kansai Local), headed by Hitoshi Matsumoto in downtown, will be broadcast on April 16th. At around 10 o’clock in the evening, I investigated an eerie uncle who was walking while yelling “Kuro! Kuro!” Every night.

In this program, based on the request from the viewer, Detective Director Matsumoto releases the detectives of his subordinates to the field, and thoroughly implements everything in the world to protect public order, morals and order for the world and people. An entertainment program that is pursued in a targeted manner. The secretary will be Saori Masuda, an announcer of ABC TV.

The client is a woman (50) from Nara prefecture. It is said that there is an eerie uncle who walks around 10 o’clock in the evening, always yelling “Kuro! Kuro!” Every night. It’s been over three years since I’ve seen the uncle, but I haven’t seen anything called Kuro yet. What is Kuro? Does Kuro exist in the first place? I’ve been worried about it for three years. However, the post said that the uncle was a mystery, and he couldn’t participate as a client because he was afraid that his identity would be revealed.

Detective Yasushi Ishida reports that another request for the same content has arrived from a man (31) who wishes to remain anonymous. Matsumoto also raises fear, saying “I’m scared” because both of the people who requested it want to remain anonymous.

After receiving permission from a passing man to wait in the parking lot, Ishida puts up a tent, changes into black clothes, and prepares for tracking.

After a while, a voice screaming “Crow!” Out of nowhere. The staff tracked away so that the uncle wouldn’t notice, and Ishida approached with the camera in his hand. The uncle shouted “Kuro!” Toward the mountain, and after yelling while walking in the residential area, he finally passed right beside Ishida. Ishida screams, “It was dangerous. I’m just scared.” But after that, the uncle kept screaming and entered the private house 40 minutes later.

After returning to the tent, Ishida knew his uncle’s home, but asked the staff what to do. Soon after, a shout of “Crow!” In a short time, the second patrol started. Like the first time, the uncle walks screaming on the same route. And Ishida assaults the place where he entered the private house again. When I asked straightforwardly, “What are you looking for?” …

On the internet, “Uncle Kuro is too scared, I thought it was awkward, but I’m glad it was okay !!” It’s too scary to be in the neighborhood. Well, I’m glad I was a gentle grandfather. “” Kuro-chan is loved. “” A man looking for Kuro at night. This is this. Isn’t this the first night scoop-like survey in a few years? “” This week was good. I’m sure that we will advance to the top of all the works in 2021. “” Kuro-chan, you’re loved! I hope your neighbors will understand this. “

In the next broadcast on April 23, we will investigate “brothers who have not talked for more than 10 years,” “pearl rings that my mother wanted to buy,” and “bar chairs that failed to assemble.”